You might remember that you read something about bacon a few days ago, and you might be wondering why you are reading something about Bacon again. Many people love it so much that there are several days that are designated to that particular food and those who love the crispy slices.

August 20 was National Bacon Lover's Day that honored people who love the food. National Bacon Day is on December 30 for the food celebrated in this country. September 2 is International Bacon Day for the meat itself that is being honored all over the world. When you eat bacon on this date, you are joining others all over the world who are also enjoying the delicious food.

Versatility of the meat

Even though it is considered a breakfast food, bacon is so versatile that it should not be limited to just breakfast. Surely, it is the meat of choice for most people to eat with their eggs, pancakes or grits in the morning. It is on the menu at every restaurant that offers breakfast such as IHOP and the Waffle House. However, the meat has become so popular that it is a favorite at any time.

People eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For lunch, it is the main ingredient in a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich which is commonly known as a BLT. It can be used on a submarine sandwich, or as one of the ingredients in a club sandwich. Bacon bits can be used on a fresh vegetable salad for smoky flavor and crunchiness.

The strips are so versatile that they can be cooked several different ways. Most people fry the strips, but they can also be baked, boiled, baked and even grilled. A lot of Southern cooks use bacon to flavor collard greens, kale, cabbage and other vegetables.

Creative ways for the food

On International Bacon Day, many people have posted creative ways they use bacon.

Some people like to top their burgers with one or two slices. It's meat on top of meat, but it's delicious. Another person suggested that strips wrapped around tater tots and hot dogs are so good.

Companies have begun to capitalize on people's love of the meat. On the market, there are such things as popcorn, ice cream, hot chocolate, and cupcakes that include bacon.

Non-edible products on the market that smell and taste like the real thing include lip balm and air freshener.

There is good news for people who don't eat pork. The comfort food comes in healthier choices such as turkey, chicken, lamb, beef, and goat even though these kinds are not always available in local grocery stores.