Have you ever wondered why the prices of bell Peppers are so different? Most people don't know the reasons. Even clerks in the grocery store have been asked, and they don't know the reasons either. However, there are some interesting reasons that the color determines the price.

Bell Peppers differ in more than their price. For instance, they don't all taste the same, and they don't all have the same benefits. Shoppers are accustomed to seeing green, yellow, orange and red peppers in the produce section of the grocery store, but there are at least ten other colors that include white, black, blue, violet, aqua, pink, brown, maroon, purple and rainbow.


Green bell peppers are sold more than the others, and they are the cheapest ones. That's because all peppers start out green. When they are harvested early, they don't require as much care as the other colors. The green pepper you use in your food actually is unripe. Therefore, it is not as sweet as the others.


The color of the green pepper changes to yellow during the next stage of ripening. It leaves its initial green color and is on its way to its ultimate color. In other words, it is the second in the list of colors and prices. You will notice that the yellow pepper costs a few pennies more than the green pepper, but it is not as expensive as the orange.


The orange pepper is more expensive that the green and yellow.

It doesn't taste as bitter as the green, but it is not as sweet as it would get if left on the vine. The price is notably higher than the green. You will also notice that the flesh is thicker.


The red bell pepper is the Cadillac of bell peppers. That's because it is the most expensive and the sweetest because it is fully ripe.

The price is more because it had to be kept on the vine longer to reach maturity. The red pepper has more nutritional value than the other colors. It is interesting that the sweetest and most expensive pepper has the shortest shelf life. Most of its time was spent on the vine, unlike the other colors.

Think of these things the next time you see the various colors of peppers in your grocery store.

There is no need to wonder why the prices are different because now you know that they change as they mature on the vine. The longer they stay on the vine, the more they cost in the store. Just remember that all the peppers came from the same plant, and the price depends on whether you purchase a ripe or an unripe pepper.