Ranking the 15 projected starting American League center fielders

Mike Trout won his third AL MVP in 2019. [Image Source: Flickr | Beth Tenser]
Mike Trout won his third AL MVP in 2019. [Image Source: Flickr | Beth Tenser]

In what should be obvious to all, Mike Trout is atop the list after winning his third AL MVP.

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With the regular season less than a month and a half away from starting, we have been taking a look at the projected starters at each position. After ranking all the left fielders, let’s move on to the American League center fielders.

As a subjective list, many of the players can almost be considered interchangeable as to where they are ranked. Depth charts were taken from Fangraphs.


Mike Trout, Angels

Never mind just best AL center fielder, Trout has long been known by many as the best player in the game. He won his third AL MVP in 2019 (also finished runner-up four times) as he finished with career-highs in slugging percentage (.645) and homers (45). He also led the AL in on-base percentage for the fourth-straight year and OPS for the third-straight. He’s yet to win a Gold Glove, but he’s an above-average defensive center fielder as well.


George Springer, Astros

Springer made his third-straight All-Star team and finished seventh in AL MVP voting in 2019. In 122 games, he hit .292, posted a .974 OPS, and connected on 39 home runs. The 2017 World Series MVP did commit a single error in center field last year.

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