Ranking the 15 projected starting National League left fielders

Juan Soto hit 34 homers last season. [Image Source: Flickr | Bryan Green]
Juan Soto hit 34 homers last season. [Image Source: Flickr | Bryan Green]

Despite being just 21 years old, Juan Soto clearly is the best at the position.

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With about a month and a half until the regular season begins, we have been taking a look at the projected starters at each position. After ranking the American League left fielders, we move on to their counterparts in the Senior Circuit.

As a subjective list, many of the players can almost be considered interchangeable as to where they are ranked. Projected starters were found at Fangraphs.


Juan Soto, Nationals

A year after finishing as runner-up to Ronald Acuna Jr. for NL Rookie of the Year, Soto finished ninth in NL MVP voting in 2019. Unbelievably just 21 years old, last year he hit .282 with a .949 OPS, 34 home runs, 110 RBIs, and 110 runs. He also connected on three more homers in Washington’s thrilling seven-game World Series victory over the Astros.


Tommy Pham, Padres

Turning 32 on March 8, Pham is heading into his first season with San Diego. While he hasn’t quite reached the heights he did in 2017 (when he finished 11th in NL MVP voting while with the Cardinals), he’s still been very good with a .274 batting average, .824 OPS, 42 homers, and 40 steals over the last two seasons. He’s made just one error in 259 career stats at left field.

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