Every folklore, known to man, is chock-full of scary monsters. While some might serve as tropes for our entertainment, like Movies, others serve as the perfect means to keep us up at night. However, there is another side to this spectrum that most don't really observe. In this piece, we are debunking the horrifyingly dangerous qualities of some of these creatures. If you ever had trouble sleeping, here are five laughably bad boogie men to help you keep your eyes closed.

5. The blackeyed kids

There is an urban legend out there about humans encountering creepy human-like beings at night.

They often described as resembling "children between 6 and 16, with pale white skin and black eyes and have displayed several unearthly powers including teleportation, astral projection and the ability to inflict non-physical harm." They are called the "Black Eyed Kids."

What complexes many people about the black eyed kids is their exact nature. But what is certain about them is that every case involving them follows the same eerie pattern; encounters with these scary monsters occur either on the road or on doorsteps or residential homes and those who make the mistake of inviting them into their vehicles or homes suffer mysterious illnesses that are sometimes fatal."

However, it is here where these scary monsters to lose any chance of gaining notoriety within the rogue's gallery of the monster kingdom.

For you see the black eyed kids have one dumbfounded weakness; they require permission to enter a target's home or car first. It doesn't help their case even if their potential victim is already outside with them; they insist on respecting their victims' privacy to that small degree.

4. The Nuckelavee

Next on our list is a creature straight out of the bowels of body horror fiction.

If you're not familiar with the Orcadian legend of The Nuckelavee, then take a seat. This thing is a Scottish elf that has been blamed for droughts, sickness and the deaths of crops despite it supposedly making its home under the sea. But the most infamous feature of this elf is its grotesque conjoining anatomy.

When people think of elves they think traditionally of human-like people with pointy ears and brightly lit skin.

But the Nuckelavee looks nothing of the sort; it is somewhat a centaur with the upper body of a man protruding from the back of a horse and is absent of any skin. This sea creature is also said to have fiery eyes on both heads, fins on each hoof, a spear or sword in one of its human hands, and a foul breath which it uses to wither crops and kill livestock.

As for its behavior, the Nuckelavee occasionally rises from the deep and heads to dry land to hunt down and murder any cattle or humans it comes across. From the sounds of it, this monster seems like a shark that has no problem leaving the sea to prey on land lovers, making it a pretty tough customer to deal with. But since it earned a place on this list, then you should already be expecting some stupid allergy or phobia that can be used to your advantage -- and you would be right.

When it comes to kryptonite for the Nuckelavee, the one thing that was dug up from the folklore was none other than fresh water. No seriously, like a shark, the Nuckelavee can only handle sea water. So in order to avoid this thing, travelers were advised to run or swim to the other side of a Loch to avoid the rampaging skinless centaur. If they couldn't reach a Loch, they could still beat this thing by carrying a bottle of water from a Loch to be used as a weapon against it. If all else fails, they could just pray that it rains.

3. Kappa

In Japanese folklore, the Kappa is considered one of the most revered due to unnerving respect for its legend. According to the description, we are dealing with a river goblin, with the body of a tortoise covered with hairs, scales on its limbs, and a head that resembles an ape with a pool of water on top of it.

This pool, by the way, is said to be the Kappa's life force and must remain full while it walks on soil or the kappa will become stiff, unable to move, and die.

The Kappa seems to get a bad rap. People have used the legend to explain mysterious drownings that occur within a certain river in Japan. Taking the hysteria even further, the Japanese even have actual "Kappa warning signs" posted near other rivers in Japan. However, the creature's position on the scary monsters list is already questionable, considering the ambiguity of its true behavior towards humanity. While some tales describe the Kappa as malevolent pranksters, rapists, and man-eaters, other tales describe them as benevolent companions to human beings in response to good deeds like refilling the water in the pool on its head or feeding them cucumbers.

If that isn't enough to convince you to go swimming in a Japanese river, then knowing how to outsmart the creature might help. Interestingly, the Kappa is a creature that knows how to socialize with human beings through gestures. If you want to avoid being drowned by this monster, you can trick the beast into spilling its own water by exchanging bows. It will take it as a sign of respect and return the favor, spilling it' water in the process. Silly Kappa.

2. Zombies

Probably the most popular of the scary monsters (Not to mention overused in modern fiction) the zombie has pretty much taken over horror culture. Though the term "zombie " has many definitions and has taken many forms throughout horror culture, the most common type, popularized by famous Hollywood director George A Romero and his "Living Dead" film franchise, is "the walking dead."

These reanimated corpses are infamous for their craving for human flesh and pandemic-like ability to multiply via infected bites which are the basis of most post-apocalyptic stories.

However, even if they do exist, are zombies really the stuff of nightmares? To their credit, zombies are definitely the stuff of nightmares since they personify the one thing all living things fear: death. However, these thing brings with them a whole bunch of obvious weaknesses that would knock them off any doomsday prepper's list of apocalyptic threats.

For one, a zombie is pretty stupid as it has a one track mind filled with the only drive to feed. Anything else in terms of self-preservation or machination are ignored, making it perfect cannon fodder. But what about spreading the disease? Well, this monster actually lacks the ability to do so since a bite is in fact among the least causes of pandemics.

The most obvious weakness is the environment. Whether the zombocalypse occurs during the hot summer or the brutal winter, a zombie's rotting body wouldn't have any protection against the elements. In terms of the former, heat increases decomposition. As for the latter, the freezing cold increases Rigor mortis. And let's not forget about those natural predators that can smell a rotting corpse from afar. Bottom line is zombies fail at being a threat to humans, period.

1. Ghost

By far the most recurring scary monster to the shared imagination of mankind is the ghost. Similar to the zombie, the ghost is in bed with both life and death; acting as a supernatural intermediary in many cultures throughout history.

The exception here, of course, is that the ghost lacks a physical body to wreak havoc like the zombie. It is often times the restless soul or spirit of a person who died in the physical world but retains a presence there due to the inability to move on to the afterlife.

Still, in many folktales, books, and even in real life, the ghost tends to defy the laws of physics. In several ways. The most common way is their ability to become visible to humans and animals to scare them to death. Another way is displaying physical force whereas a "poltergeist," a mischievous type of ghost can move objects which can bring or send harm to the living. All of these features make the ghost out to be the perfect nemesis for any living being.

However, besides its very existence, the ghost's liability to human welfare is highly debatable.

The catch here is that not all ghosts have these kinds of powers in the physical world. Some may or may not be able to appear visible to the human perspective at all. And despite all the VHS documentary videos out there depicting poltergeist activity, there is no definitive proof that an actual apparition is behind them all. This fear for the unknown was induced by people's imaginations and elaborated further by the horror films we see today. So what the hell is up then?

Well, some scientists believe this phenomenon is really the work of psychic phenomenon brought on by a person's dynamic personality.

According to the research, "a person's tension system extends beyond the biological organism into his physical environment." Hence, living humans are the culprits. Therefore, ghosts shouldn't be considered a threat in any way other than causing heart attacks from sightings. With that, this scary monster just got busted.