Top 5 most unbreakable Fortnite records

These Fortnite Battle Royale records are amazing and it is very likely that anyone is going to break them anytime soon, if ever.


"Fortnite Battle Royale" has gone through numerous changes since its release in September 2017. Considering that the game is going to keep evolving, there is a good chance that players will keep breaking existing records [VIDEO]. However, some of them will be extremely tough, if not impossible, to beat. In this article, we are going to mention most unbreakable "Fortnite Battle Royale" records!

Keep in mind that some of these records may have been broken already [VIDEO], but there is no proof of it.


PC Squad Elimination Record (59)

The current PC squad record for most eliminations is 59. It was set by Jamside (21), 7ssk7 (16), 3vil (12), and whistle (10) on September 26, 2018.


Most Eliminations In Solo-Squads on PC (43)

Another PC record has been set by Teeqzy as he had 43 eliminations in solo squads on April 30, 2018. While most players get a lot of eliminations in solo squads, 43 is simply impressive as it's almost half of the lobby eliminated by a single player.


Most Squad Eliminations On Console (61)

The Australian squad of four players managed to get 61 eliminations in a single game! Considering this is almost two-thirds of an entire lobby, this record has to be the most impressive elimination record at the moment. Fqrbes led the way with 25 eliminations, Nexjs had 18, while Tactjc and NadeXC combined for 18 eliminations.


Longest Win Streak (103)

According to FortniteTracker, the longest win streak in "Fortnite Battle Royale" has been achieved by Prxteen. This player won 103 games in a row, establishing himself as number one on the leaderboard. Keep in mind that this record may not be legit as there is no video proof of it. However, the player has an 88.2 win percentage in squads this season, which makes it very likely that the record is legit.


Furthest RPG knockdown (541 meters)

This record was set by Skrepped in the High Explosives limited-time game mode. The player had a lot of luck to knock an enemy down from 541 meters, and it is very unlikely that the record will be broken anytime soon, especially in the regular modes.

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