Not everything can always go someone’s way but it is definitely a bad day at work when the job quite literally explodes in the blink of an eye. Abu Moaaz, which is a code name, had a hazardous occupation making bombs for ISIS. His workload ended rather abruptly when he was killed in an explosion while working on explosives for the terrorist group, which LADbible and the Daily Mail (UK) reported.

Deceased identified by code name

Okay, he was not a very nice or even a likable man. The clear indicator of that was the fact that he was only identified in reports of his death by his code name.

He seemed to make enemies with a lot of people. He was, after all, working for a terrorist organization.

Outcome of his work killed police

His role within the group was focused on explosives. According to American Military News, the codenamed man “recently supplied ISIS numerous explosive devices.” His work facilitated killing police with bombs. Oddly, it was his own explosive devices that detonated, leading to his demise. Just like that, he was no longer Moaaz.

Wanted on ‘terror charges’

The Daily Mail noted that he was a “dangerous bomb maker.” He certainly was, even to himself, no doubt.

He exploded on October 29. Moaaz was wanted, however, on “terror charges,” the Iraqi New reported. The explosion happened roughly 15 miles away from Baqubah.

Mourners are guess

Among his mourners is a guess. Quite possibly, his family was notified of his death by his killer colleagues, who are notorious for abducting and beheading people.

That there is one less bombmaker among ISIS is not very likely to bring a tear to groups targeted by the terrorist organization.

Millions of displaced people need ‘humanitarian assistance’

The United Nations office that is tasked with coordinating humanitarian affairs estimates five million people have been “displaced” in Iraq as a result of violence by groups like ISIS, according to the Iraqi News.

Another 11 million people “need humanitarian assistance.”

Bomb builder one less threat

The rise in Islamic State extremists has also led to a “surge in violence in 2014 in Syria, as well as in Iraq. Brett McGurk, who is the White House envoy in the battle against ISIS, explained that the military’s mission in Syria is “the enduring defeat of ISIS,” American Military News reported. The explosion of Moaaz is one less threat to worry about.

ISIS scattered where Iraq and Syria share border

When the U.S. led airstrikes in conjunction with the Iraqi Army, in 2017, American Military News pointed out that ISIS was “cleared” from a majority of cities in Iraq.

ISIS still remains “scattered” in the region, though. ISIS has its “strongest presence” where Iraq and Syria “share a border.”

One of the major challenges right now for the U.S. military is that “almost every ISIS fighter is a suicide belt,” McGurk explained. However, he assured that even though the fighting is “difficult,” the U.S. military “will get it done.”

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