NBA Power Rankings 2018: Top 5 teams in the league so far

A look at the five NBA teams that have distanced themselves in the early part of the season.


Golden State Warriors (8-1)

It may seem like a broken record, but until they've been dethroned, they're still the reigning champions. They're 8-1 for the season and on a roll, having won six-straight games. With DeMarcus Cousins due to return to the court, the team only appears to be getting better as the season moves on.


Milwaukee Bucks (7-1)

This past week's big game saw two undefeated teams face off. Milwaukee came out on top before losing a few nights later. Still, they have shown themselves to be among the early top contenders in the Eastern Conference and the league, thanks to Greek Freak and the rest of the crew.


Toronto Raptors (7-1)

Kawhi Leonard has done what most expected he might. The former San Antonio Spurs star has brought a new life to the Raptors. The team was undefeated up until their meeting with the Bucks. However, one has to wonder what may happen in a full series. Toronto is still considered one of the teams to beat in the East, along with Boston.

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