Danny Trejo, 74, and Bryan Cranston are all-in if offered roles in the upcoming “Breaking Bad” movie being filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The crime thriller genre well-suited both actors, with each delivering memorable on-screen characters to fans. Reprising Trejo’s role, or even scripting a new character for him, as well as bringing Walter White back in possible flashbacks would surely give long-lasting impact to the audience already excited since the announcement that a Breaking Bad movie was in the works.

Filling the role of Tortuga again 'would be fun,' says Trejo

Revisiting and reviving the role of Tortuga “would be fun,Trejo told Entertainment Tonight’s Denny Directo. Just the mention of his name conjures images of his part in the “Breaking Bad” AMC series.

Since the movie is anticipated to connect to the original show, it would be great to see the familiar faces that helped make the show what it was. It is still in demand and, with the news that creator Vince Gilligan is who is making the movie based on the series, it is generating a ton of buzz.

Iconic actor could easily step back into character

Trejo, who is totally iconic and a plus to any cast, described his time on-set for the series as a “great” experience.

Awesome news for Gilligan! How could he possibly pass on the opportunity to get a script to someone who feels so positively about the role he played? Trejo’s attitude toward the project would surely carry over to his work and like Aaron Paul (a.k.a., Jesse Pinkman on-screen), he could step seamlessly straight into the role again.

In case some people are just familiarizing themselves with the series, or may have forgotten (as if anyone could), Trejo played a drug runner for the Juárez Cartel. He answered to Juan Bolsa, his boss. The two episodes that involved the character were incredibly exciting for viewers, and not just because of Trejo.

Bringing back Walter White in flashbacks makes total sense

As everyone familiar with the AMC series recalls, the chemistry teacher turned to meth-making following a diagnosis of terminal lung cancer. Walter White was the show’s cement. The character, portrayed by Bryan Cranston, was the anchor around which the series evolved.

To efficiently and effectively anchor history and augment viewing the feature film, especially for those new to the premise of “Breaking Bad,” scenes with Cranston’s character would fit the bill. Since Walter White definitely bit the big one in the original series, the logical step would for White to appear in flashbacks. But, who knows?

Prequel to sequel even works

Details that have been disclosed about the movie are so minimal that possibly Gilligan will include a prequel that segues into the sequel about a character.

We’ve already been informed who “escaped” and who is in pursuit of freedom.

Undoubtedly, the pressure’s on – with the buildup that has spawned ever since fans were told that there was a "Breaking Bad" movie on the horizon. With his creativity and skill, Gilligan is most probably harder on himself that are fans, which will result in a topnotch film (it is definitely hoped).

Cranston wants Jesse Pinkman to go a new direction

Bryan Cranston has told media, including the Independent (UK) and Uproxx that he would definitely fill the role of Walter White if asked. There is no news that has happened – yet. He does have ideas in mind for Pinkman when Aaron Paul reprises his character, according to Geek Tyrant.

Cranston stated that he would like to see his former protégé or drug-making sidekick take his life a different direction. He wants Jesse to get away from the life he was leading and chart a course that creates happiness. Why? Cranston assessed Jesse, saying, “I don’t sense that he was really ever happy.”

Cranston and Paul received accolades for their roles in the series. Each garnered an Emmy. How’s that for track-record of character acceptance? If asked, and if it fits the "Breaking Bad" movie’s angle, fans would like to see both men, along with Trejo, in the movie. Be sure to follow Blasting News for updates and for additional information.