5 other holidays that fall on November 22

While Thanksgiving landed on November 22 this year, there are some other holidays celebrated on this date.


Thanksgiving fell on November 22 this year but that isn't the official date for the holiday. There are some holidays that are marked as falling on this day every year that should get more attention.


Go for a ride day

This is a holiday that is geared towards just making sure you take a breath, relax and go for a ride. It doesn't have to be a bike, though, when it's nice out that's the best bet.


Humane society anniversary day

It was on this day over 60 years ago that the Humane society was first started. If you're an animal lover, this is an especially poignant day.


Cranberry Relish day

It's important to remember that Thanksgiving doesn't always fall on the 22nd. This day has actually been staked out by Cranberry relish fans. The fact that the two days intersect this year is just a happy accident.

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