5 takeaways from Nebraska basketball's 70-52 loss to Texas Tech

The Nebraska basketball team looked like a different squad on Tuesday than it had all season.

The bad version of the Nebraska basketball team showed up on Tuesday night against Texas tech. There are still some things to be learned from this type of game moving forward.


Time to hit the reset button

The Huskers game against Texas Tech wasn't just the worst game of the year, it was the worst game by a very wide margin. That might seem obvious but in the second half especially the Huskers played poorly in all aspects. They can't let this loss linger.


Free throws performance was especially bad

The Huskers have been very, very good at the free throw line coming into tonight. They were not on Tuesday night. Their struggles at the line, especially when the game was close was indicative of how the game was going to go. They finished the night just 13 of 21 from the line (61 percent).


Not good enough to waste possessions

It's possible we saw the downside of playing an easy early schedule but the one thing that was very evident on Tuesday night is that the Huskers offense still isn't good enough to throw offense possessions away. They threw a lot away against Texas Tech, especially with silly turnovers like traveling. Against the Missouri States and MVSUs of the world, you can do that. You can't against the Texas Techs or Big Ten elite teams.


The Huskers are really not deep

The good news is that the rotation is a talented one. The bad news is there isn't a ton of depth against top tier teams. Eight Huskers saw action on Tuesday. Even when someone came off the bench, they weren't getting many minutes. That might have been why the Nebraska basketball team looked tired down the stretch.


Rebounds were more about lack of hustle and smart play

There has been talk about how the Huskers could struggle to rebound because they don't have a true big man. That wasn't why they struggled Tuesday night. Against Texas Tech, the Nebraska basketball team forgot to block out more often than not. They also got beat to the ball when there was a scramble. That's going to need to be fixed before they go up against Clemson especially.

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