What was just learned about Red Dead Online

Image from 'Red Dead Online.' - [Polygon / YouTube screencap]
Image from 'Red Dead Online.' - [Polygon / YouTube screencap]

'Red Dead Redemption 2' developer, Rockstar Games, just unveiled several pieces of new information about the online multiplayer aspect of the game.


PS4 users get a month's head start

Rockstar has struck an exclusive deal that will see PS4 users get access to the online mode a full month ahead of Xbox One users. "Red Dead Online" won't be available from day one for PS4 users, either, but should go live sometime in November. Then, Xbox One users will get it sometime in December.


Grizzlies outlaw outfit

PS4 users will get the Grizzlies outlaw outfit on day one. The outfit comes complete with a fur lined leather coat, as well as a leather vest and some rather ornate dress.


Red chestnut Arabian horse

"Red Dead Redemption 2" is going to have a wide variety of horses to ride. When "Red Dead Online" launches, you'll be able to ride a red chestnut Arabian. This horse is said to have better speed and handling than the base class of horses.

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