Chicago Cubs Roster Outlook: Pitchers most likely returning in 2019

A roster shakeup might be on the horizon for the Chicago Cubs but there are a few names you're going to see again in 2019.


Tyler Chatwood

Tyler Chatwood was basically relegated to never pitching again this season. He's under contract for a few more years and has almost no trade value at this point. Look for the Cubs to try and seize on when he had some good starts and hit the reset button for 2019.


Steve Cishek

Steve Cishek was one of the most reliable Chicago Cubs relievers in 2018. To the point where he was probably overused. He's under contract in 2019 and there's no reason to think he won't be brought back.


Jesse Chavez

The Cubs would not have made the playoffs if not for Jesse Chavez. He stepped up when the bullpen was riddle with injuries. He's a free agent technically, but he's on record as having told Cubs teammates that he wants to pitch in Chicago or retire in 2019.


Brandon Morrow

The Cubs closer missed most of the season with various injuries before being officially shut down in September. He's still under a very lucrative contract and the Chicago Cubs will do everything in their power to get him ready to pitch an entire season in 2019.


Yu Darvish

The Japanese starting pitcher has quite a few years left on his contract. If he can pitch at all next year, it will be for the Chicago Cubs. Like Chatwood and Morrow, Darvish was a big splash in the free-agent market who couldn't even last the entire season.

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