The recently-engaged “Vanderpump Rules” star Lala Kent has upcoming movie roles that lead her to feel accomplished. She has not only demonstrated that she can hold her own when it comes to drama and reality television, but she is also making her way in the movie industry and is “flourishing,” Bustle reported.

Two films that Lala worked on are in “post-production,” Bustle also noted. “Vault” and “10 Minutes Gone” Lala has to her credit, along with the fact that she is a singer and a makeup entrepreneur.

Sequel to horror flick Lala was in gets execs go-ahead

The good news keeps flowing for Lala. Studio executives gave the thumbs-up for making a sequel to “The Row,” which is a horror film. She was in the original flick.

Lala shows fans how far she’s come

The “Vanderpump Rules” star posted to fans and her Twitter followers about her successes. That she was celebrating is not the same as bragging but letting her “haters” see just how far she’s come while also continuing to host at Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR restaurant.

She tweeted that if people are still hating on her, then they are “missing out” on the good things happening in her life. Lala relayed that she has also “filmed” with screen actor Bruce Willis.

Not bad at all!

Reality star has a career, a beau, and a wedding to plan

In addition to springboarding her role on “Vanderpump Rules” into other ventures, the star is also engaged to producer Randall Emmett, the Daily Mail (UK) reported. The couple enjoyed an extravagant vacation in Miami.

Not facing the same economic pressures as people who are financially strapped, the reality star was seen “boldly sporting” her $150K engagement ring.

It must feel nice to be so comfortable to wear the pricey accessory in the water without worrying if it slips off or is lost. That’s right; a hefty insurance policy affords peace-of-mind.

The couple spent time together on a jet ski, as well as with friends on a “luxury yacht,” according to the Daily Mail. The fact that the duo is having a good time together is a positive sign they enjoy each other’s company, always a plus when two people are set to marry.

Before Lala’s father died, Randall did make the ultimate, touching, and respectful gesture. He asked her dad for the okay to marry Lala.

After her father gave Randall the thumbs-up, he popped the big question about marrying him during a “romantic” getaway in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the Daily Mail noted. His proposal was the lead-in to her birthday on the following day.

Bravo cast member puts more into fans than haters

When someone has as much going on as does Lala, why pay attention to haters? She actually does not seem to have time for them and, instead, puts herself into projects designated to reach her fans.

She often collaborates with James Kennedy, making songs together, Bustle reported. The two “drop new music every so often.” Lala appears to have a project that is likely to hold appeal for just about everyone who is a fan.

In additional "Vanderpump Rules" news, Jax Taylor recently told fans on his Twitter account that he landed his dream job. He tweeted that he was on a Taco Bell shoot in Laguna, California. Jax also secured a venue for marrying Brittany Cartwright. She has dreamed of having her wedding at The Kentucky Castle from the time she was a little girl. The couple will have the location for three nights after their wedding ceremony.

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