Top 5 classic horror movie villains of all time

These evil movie monsters or beings have terrorized people in their nightmares for years.


Michael Myers - 'Halloween'

Myers was the original psychopath killer as his movie arrived chronologically before those of Jason or Freddy. In addition, he wasn't some sort of apparition, demon, or nightmare conjuring. He was simply a freak who was wreaking havoc on innocent people. That included Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode, who even in the new 2018 film is still dealing with the murderous Michael Myers.


Jason Vorhees - 'Friday the 13th'

In 1980, horror movie fans got their first glimpse of the next iconic killer in film with Jason Vorhees. He was responsible for terrorizing campers at Crystal Lake. Jason's origin related to him drowning in a lake as a child, while camp counselors ignored it. He returned to stalk campers as an adult demon wearing a hockey mask, who, just like Myers, doesn't talk. That makes his on-screen appearance that much more frightening.


Freddy Krueger - 'Nightmare on Elm Street'

Four years after Jason arrived on the scene, a creative new movie monster emerged. Freddy Krueger was truly the boogeyman in people's nightmares. The whole premise of his mythos, was that individuals better stay awake, or they'd be seeing Freddy in their dreams. Among his well-known victims were a young Johnny Depp, and Heather Langenkamp in multiple films.


Pinhead - 'Hellraiser'

Director Clive Barker unleashed his demonic killer Pinhead for the first time in 1987. It involved a puzzle box, an alternate dimension, and a race of terrifying creatures known as the Cenobites. Pinhead served as their leader, and in keeping with his famous name, was known for pins sticking out all around his head. The original film divided critics and initially had an X rating by the MPAA. It led to nine sequels, though.


Leatherface - 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'

Leatherface is another horror movie villain who never spoke to victims or others. However, his powerful chainsaw did plenty of talking for him. The original film was gritty and violent, coming during the 70s, and is considered a classic to this day. It also led to multiple remakes, reboots, and retellings of the classic story of the disfigured man who wore a leather mask (or human skin) on his face.

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