5 things to know about the commitment of the newest Nebraska football player Bryce Benhart

The Nebraska football team got a massive boost to its 2019 recruiting class with Bryce Benhart's announcement.

The Nebraska football team continues down the path to what could a fantastic end of October and beginning of November in recruiting. Bryce Benhart announced his commitment on Sunday night. Check out what you need to know about the Minnesota offensive lineman.


The Huskers beat out Wisconsin head-to-head

Benhart had a ton of offers from FBS powers but most recruiting experts said it came down to the Huskers and Badgers for his commitment. It's always going to be great to get a 4-star offensive lineman. It's even better when you steal one away from a division rival.


He's also a wrestler

If you want to know why Benhart is as good as he is at pushing people around, it's probably because he's also one of the top wrestlers in the state of Minnesota. One has to think someone who understands leverage at that level is only going to become better with practice in both sports.


He's huge and could get bigger

Already standing 6-8 and weighing in at 305 pounds, recruiting experts have said he's still growing into his body. That's good news for a Nebraska football team that doesn't have a lot of road graders on the line right now. If he gets even bigger, it's hard to imagine he won't at least have a chance at starting next year.


Starting as a true freshman for the Nebraska football team was a big draw.

Speaking of giving Bryce Benhart a chance to play next year, it seems likely he was promised a shot during recruiting. The offensive lineman has said playing as a true freshman is huge to him. Between his talent, his size and the four-game without losing a red-shirt rule, it seems likely he'll get at least a taste.


He's the 19th commit and fourth offensive lineman in the 2019 class

Bryce Benhart is also the second commit for the Nebraska football team in the last four days. The Huskers tend to have great luck in this area in bunches. When you consider there are two top prospects announcing their commitment this week, the Huskers could go from 17 to 21 commits in the 2019 class in a week. At the point, we're getting close to being done for the year.

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