5 keys for the New England Patriots vs the Chicago Bears

What the Bears must do to beat the Patriots and what the Patriots have to do to beat the Bears.

The Chicago Bears look to show they are for real when they take on the New England Patriots on Sunday afternoon. Let's discuss what each team needs to do in order to win the game.


Bears need to bring interior pressure

Tom Brady is very good when he has room to step up and throw. While the Bears outside rush has been strong, they need to find a way to limit when Brady can step up.


Patriots need to take care of the ball

The Bears are third in the NFL in takeaways. If the Patriots can protect the ball, they'll have a good chance to win.


Pats need to limit the big play

After giving up 31 points to Kansas City in the second half, the Pats are going to need to play some defense. The Bears have playmakers that can hurt a team if they go unchecked.


Execute the trick play

Both Bill Belichick and Matt Nagy are prone to the trick play every now and then. This game could come down to who does it better on Sunday.


The Bears need to convert red zone opportunities

Chicago's offense is better than people realize. One of the reasons people don't realize it is because the team hasn't been great in the redzone. They need to convert those possessions into touchdowns.

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