Twitter reacts to Atlanta Falcons's quarterback Matt Ryan looking like the Average Joe

Ryan was snapped strolling into the stadium on Sunday (September 30) and his rather normal appearance set the Twitterverse on fire.


Matt Ryan: Average Joe

Matt Ryan walked into his stadium looking like just another dude and that was enough to get people laughing hard.


Shopping at Trader Joe's

There was the guy who thought Matt Ryan looked less like a quarterback and more like a guy who gets coffee at the grocery chain.


In Flight Magazine

Yet another person who loved the idea of Matt Ryan as a male model for the very average.


Getting ready to teach

One Twitter user decided the backpack really made it look as though he was ready to head to class.


This coupon isn't expired yet

This twitter user went for the jugular when she hit it on the head. Matt Ryan is the dude who needs to use a coupon before it expires.

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