Top 5 NFL MVP 2018 player odds right now

Kansas City's quarterback phenom leads a powerful list of contenders into Week 4.


Patrick Mahomes - QB, Chiefs (+300)

Before the NFL season started, nobody expected to see Patrick Mahomes leading this list, except maybe optimistic Chiefs fans. However, he's had a red-hot start and has set records through the first three games of the season. Mahomes just recently jumped into the top spot as he continues to lead the 3-0 Chiefs.


Aaron Rodgers - QB, Packers (+500)

Just the first game of the new season showed fans what Rodgers is capable of. As the Bears jumped out to a huge lead, Rodgers looked like he was going to be on the shelf with a major injury. He surprised everyone, when he returned from the locker room and played out the game, despite a leg injury, leading his team to the comeback victory in dramatic fashion.


Drew Brees - QB, Saints (+650)

As Mahomes is setting records as a youngster, Brees is adding to the record books later in his career. He's coming up on a major milestone, with a chance to surpass all-time great, Peyton Manning, for most passing yards. Meanwhile, Brees' Saints look like one of the early contenders from the stacked NFC.


Todd Gurley - RB, Rams (+750)

In a top five crowded with quarterbacks, Gurley finds himself as the sole running back. He's part of the undefeated Rams, who are now 4-0 after Thursday's (September 27) big win over Minnesota. Gurley had 83 yards rushing and another 73 receiving, along with a touchdown in the win.


Tom Brady - QB, Patriots (+1200)

One can never count out Tom Brady when it comes to an NFL MVP list. Even last season, Brady was lurking among the contenders and was right there as Eagles favorite Carson Wentz became unable to finish the season. Early on, the Patriots aren't looking like themselves, but if anyone can turn the ship around, it'll be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time!

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