5 of the best comic book covers arriving on October 3, 2018

Marvel, DC, and other publishers have knocked it out of the park with these amazing covers.


Deathstroke #36 - Francesco Mattina Variant

Francesco Mattina has been on an absolute tear with his DC cover-priced variants. This one in particular is intense and well-done as it features some of Arkham Asylum's most terrifying villains. It's so good, it's already sold out for pre-orders online.


Nightwing #50 - Jonboy Meyers Variant

Rumor has it that the Nightwing #50 issue will have some drastic consequences for the hero in this coming edition. That could make this a book to hold onto for future value. Meanwhile, Jonboy Meyers kills it with his impressive cover, featuring the popular DC superhero ready to pounce.


Sparrowhawk #1 - Stephanie Hans Variant

Artist Stephanie Hans contributes at least two noteworthy covers this week, with her other being a higher-priced variant for Asgardians of the Galaxy. On the Sparrowhawk cover, she incorporates a number of effects, including a shatter, a shadow, and forceful wind blowing against the female character. Amazing!


Cosmic Ghost Rider #4 - Max Lim Variant

If you've been avoiding Cosmic Ghost Rider, you're missing out on one of comic's top writers in the game right now, Donny Cates. While he brings the amazing stories, this Max Lim variant brings some blazing hot artwork. It's like the powerful hero is bursting through flames straight off the cover!


Deadpool #5 - Nic Klein Regular Cover

Deadpool is a fan favorite and this regular cover for issue No. 5 provides some gross yet interesting artwork. It's created by artist Nic Klein, and shows the horrifying, mangled, and deranged face of Deadpool. There's even a Halloween theme to it, just in time for Halloween!

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