5 of the best comic book covers arriving on October 3, 2018

Marvel, DC, and other publishers have knocked it out of the park with these amazing covers.


Deathstroke #36 - Francesco Mattina Variant

Francesco Mattina has been on an absolute tear with his DC cover-priced variants. This one in particular is intense and well-done as it features some of Arkham Asylum's most terrifying villains. It's so good, it's already sold out for pre-orders online.


Nightwing #50 - Jonboy Meyers Variant

Rumor has it that the Nightwing #50 issue will have some drastic consequences for the hero in this coming edition. That could make this a book to hold onto for future value. Meanwhile, Jonboy Meyers kills it with his impressive cover, featuring the popular DC superhero ready to pounce.


Sparrowhawk #1 - Stephanie Hans Variant

Artist Stephanie Hans contributes at least two noteworthy covers this week, with her other being a higher-priced variant for Asgardians of the Galaxy. On the Sparrowhawk cover, she incorporates a number of effects, including a shatter, a shadow, and forceful wind blowing against the female character. Amazing!

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