Last month it was reported that both Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth failed to reach a financial deal with Paramount Studios over Star Trek 4. Many fans saw this as Pine exiting the franchise after starring as Captain James T. Kirk in three feature films. According to ComicBook, Pine has indicated a resolution might happen.

At the Toronto Film Festival, Pine has said he's not aware of what's going on with the latest film but would love to be involved and will wait for a "phone call." The call he is hoping for is one from his agent that tells him a deal has been made.

TrekMovie has reported that co-star Karl Urban said he was positive a deal could be reached.

Cast ready to get started filming Star Trek 4

Fellow co-star John Cho is also waiting to hear from Paramount about what is going on with Star Trek 4. According to Extra, he would love to do a fourth film and loves the cast he works with. He has also joked about wanting to make a solo Sulu movie. This latest episode was going to be the fourth film in J.J. Abrams' franchise.

The studio was originally billing the new film as a time-traveling adventure that would team up Kirk with his father George Kirk. The film was rumored to begin shooting early 2019. Star Trek 4 would make history by having the first woman to helm a Star Trek film, as they announced that S.J.

Clarkson would take charge.

With the film on hold, it's unclear what the future of Star Trek 4 will be, but some fans take Pine's comments as a sign that the film is still alive. His co-stars share similar sentiments. Karl Urban has also said that everyone is just waiting on negotiations.

Star Trek successful but expensive to produce

While the new Star Trek films have done well, it's still an expensive movie to make. According to Urban, the profit margins are not great and both Hemsworth and Pine have done blockbuster films, meaning their quotes increase.

Paramount has said they want to continue the series, so they will have to figure out a way to bring these two stars back.

The entire cast wants to return and make this film. Fans are waiting to see what happens now.

While every Trek fan would love to see both Hemsworth and Pine return, the best scenario that could happen would be for Paramount to finalize a deal with Pine and bring him back as Captain James Kirk. Star Trek producer Adi Shankar said that Star Trek 4 can move forward because actors don't matter stories do, and this is the universe presenting an opportunity to change course and boldly go in a new direction.