"Rick and Morty" has solely dedicated Season 3 for character development, proceeding with its innocently decorated drop into the psyches of Rick Sanchez and the Smith family. "Rick and Morty" battled with the poisonous parts of their identity represented as individual sentient beings in the previous episode Rest and Ricklaxation, and Morty releases his internal genius and the refined version of him that will lead to his success.

What begins as a day at school for Morty to attempt to pursue recently single Jessica took a sharp detour into a six-day intergalactic war zone tragedy with Rick that totally wears both of them out.

Rick specifically loses the mocking lacquer and totally goes crazy, which is the show's most exposed endeavor yet to indicate exactly how severely harmed he is on the inside.

However, there is this tune that Healthy "Rick and Morty" tune into on the radio when they leave the day spa, and it's the best in-universe tune the show has presented since "Get Schwifty," and it just improves with the expanded rendition that plays the end credits of the episode.

Hold on to your folds

The tune titled “Terryfolds” has gone on to become a raving success since its debut to the common audience. Bearing absolutely no finite or explainable meaning or content, this song is entirely and seemingly derogatory and hilarious while at it.

Rapped by the show’s co-creator Justin Roiland and sung by Asya Saavedra, this banging tune was composed and produced by artist Chaos Chaos, who has previously worked on tracks for the show. Chaos Chaos, formerly known as Smoosh, has also worked on the track “Do you feel it?”, which plays at the end of the episode Auto Erotic Assimilation, when Rick tries to kill himself in his garage.

Animated Flappyholdyfolds

Following the huge and quick success of the tune after its official release on SoundCloud and Apple iTunes, animator and illustrator Slevelesssocks was quick to make a full-length animated music video for it.

The video, which depicts a Terryfold singing the tune, is almost too literal and incredibly well animated with its popping candy-like colors.

The video’s main character is the same as the one in the original album art of the tune, and the video also features the majestic Cromulon heads. They definitely seem to like what this tune has got. The video is all sorts of wholesome goodness, and we recommend you watch and bask in its glory. Be sure to check out his Instagram too @slevelesssocks.