5 ways that climate change is adversely affecting the world

These are just a few of the measurable ways that climate change is affecting the world and all of its residents.


Polar Bears

Polar bears are at risk of going extinct from climate change as more and more of their habitat vanishes into the ocean and their food sources dwindle. Sea ice takes longer and longer to come in and it is the sea ice that the bears use to hunt for their primary food source, seals. This means that it takes longer for them top get their food and they ultimately must go longer without any.



Climate change will affect our system of agriculture in four primary ways; Temperature, water, extreme weather, and carbon dioxide. Temperature is going to hurt crops first. Important crops we all depend on will initially show increases but, that is deceptive, because as temperatures get warmer we will see sharp declines in production.


Water resources

Increased evapotranspiration will cause soil to dry out and lead to less water in streams and rivers, and from our ground water supply, which recharges aquifers.



Climate change will dramatically and adversely affect mankind's relationship to germs, bacteria, and viruses. Examples of these changes are the West Nile Virus and the Zika virus which have recently begun to invade the US. Due to drastic changes in weather where wet regions become arid and dry and once dry regions become tropical and wet, you might see areas of the world that were once relatively free of tropical viruses and diseases experience epidemics or even pandemics.


Coral Reefs

Rising sea temperatures and acidifying waters are "cooking" the coral reefs that house numerous forms of sea life and this is reshaping the ocean enviornment.

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