Phones with cameras these days result in thousands of photos taken at the right time being posted all over the internet. They help to brighten our day and put a smile on our faces. For some reason, ablution facilities often present bizarre photo opportunities. But let's not stop there, as there are many other amusing situations out there on social media. Here are seven of the top images that were taken at the right time to illustrate life on our planet.

1) Photo of the invisible hand dryer

This photo was taken in a convenient overnight stop in Zimbabwe.

Offering comfortable rooms, private and communal bathrooms, dining facilities and secure parking, it's an ideal stopover. But can anyone explain why every bathroom has strict instructions to wash and dry your hands? Especially given the mysterious fact that there simply is nowhere to dry your hands. No towels, no air dryers, and not even a paper towel in sight.

2) Travelers tip, the toilet tour in Namibia

Yes, that's real. You can book a toilet tour in a small safari lodge in the Namibian wilderness. The princes of the Royal Family love a visit to wild Africa!

I wonder if the toilet tour at Ngepi camp was on the itinerary? Known from coast to coast as the most relaxed place to enjoy at affordable prices, Ngepi camp is located in the remote Caprivi strip region of the country. The rooms are partly open to the wild, offering open showers, river views where hippos grunt and cavort, and friendly birds that like to chill with you in the bars and gardens.

But it seems the place is more famous for their odd toilets.

3) Bird drops a bomb on keen bird photographer

Okay, so you learn something about your passion every day. Now I know that birds lighten the load to gain height, so it may not be a great idea to snap a photo at the just the right time if you don't want a face full of bird pooh.

Yeah, that white stringy thing is no piece of string. It's a bomb on its way down to ruin my day and my camera.

4) The sad death of a bulk beer truck

The beer truck that failed to stop for the flooded river was a sad sight for those who enjoy the beverage. How do you fail to see the river is flooding and there's no bridge? Maybe there was some product sampling going on? Happily, nobody died in this central African accident. But the beer was ruined, and that's enough to spoil a celebration day of the non-Tea-totaller kind.

5) The famous monkey selfie

This monkey selfie went viral and memes popped up all over the internet. Some companies even used it on social media to sell photo courses. Of course, viral means millions of people have seen it already, but the comments continue to amuse and amaze. As Twitter user @JacobSacher commented, this could be "the most important picture of our generation."

6) Hockey player face puck

Topix Offbeat published an image of a hockey player with a puck literally in his face.

This is an example of a photo taken at just the right moment. A fraction of a second either way and the puck would have moved on. There's no way the picture could have been as spectacular as it was unless the photographer clicked at just the right time.

7) Tiger concerned for a sick friend

This photo was snapped of a real live tiger that appears to be very concerned about a stripey friend. The tiger costumed character carried away by on a stretcher seems to be getting a worried last farewell from "Tigey" behind the glass. The photo was featured in an article on Kena Rex but fails to give any further backstory.

Still, it's a touching image to contemplate.

What do you think about the many different photos on the internet taken at just the right time to illustrate a point, or freeze an amazing image, or bring laughter into our lives? Check back with Blasting Pop often for interesting and unusual articles and videos.