Politicians are often in the spotlight and the media is quick to capture their every move. People across the internet seem to be delighted when blunders and mishaps are screened across the world. Something about their loss of dignity seems to increase the humor factor. Often, the photos are then mocked up into memes that appear repeatedly. If they grow old, there's usually some politician somewhere, experiencing an embarrassing mishap to keep new content coming. Here are seven of the top embarrassing moments for politicians and in some cases, the citizens of their country.

1) President Robert Mugabe's red carpet fall

Former president Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe fell down as he stepped off the stairs and onto the red carpet. At the time, in 2015, The Associated Press managed to capture images and video. CBS reported that the embarrassing event was completely denied. Local press were told to delete the images and Information Minister Jonathan Moyo insisted he managed to save himself. Nevertheless, many memes arose from the incident. Even after three years, they still emerge to make a point on Twitter.

2) George Bush blooper - had s*x

George Bush made some famous bloopers during his days in political office.

One was rehashed across YouTube for years. People, How Stuff Works, explained what happened. He was speaking during a 1988 campaign and talked about serving as vice-president to Ronald Reagan. In his speech, he said, "For seven and a half years I've worked alongside President Reagan. We've had triumphs. Made some mistakes.

We've had some s*x...uh..setbacks."

3) Trump meets the Queen

Closer to modern times, most of the global population will recall how Donald Trump made his blunder by walking ahead of the Queen.

His enemies were thrilled and slammed him on every possible social media outlet. Walking ahead of the queen is considered to be a huge no-no in terms of etiquette. While Donald Trump did not seem as embarrassed as his detractors, he certainly looked bemused and confused at one point.

4) Boris Johnson hair and wardrobe malfunctions

Boris Johnson is taking a lot of flak on social media right now. He was thoroughly angry with Theresa May's soft approach to Brexit and resigned from his rather feeble attempt as Foreign Secretary. He upset everyone by criticizing Muslims.

Al-Jazeera noted that people are enraged by his comments in an opinion piece published in the Daily Telegraph this week. Al-Jazeera wrote that he said, "Muslim women wearing the veils look like "letter boxes" and compared them to "bank robbers." Thinking that complaining how other people looked was a bit beyond the pale for Johnson, one Twitter user posted up photos of Boris' hair and rumpled clothing. He certainly looks like he could use a makeover to fix his wardrobe malfunction. Does this guy even own a mirror?

5) Barack Obama gets a little too flirty on TV

Barack Obama seemed to embarrass another dignitary as he came across a bit overly flirty in front of the cameras.

Really, Barack, keep it for the after-party! It was on the occasion of a three-day tour of Southeast Asia. He met Thai prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatra and made her blush. She sure is a pretty woman, though.

In 2012, Daily Mail noted that he also went to Myanmar, where he was greeted by democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi, where he continued his "hands-on" approach to diplomacy.

6) President Ford slips and falls in Austria

In 1975, then-president Ford did a full-on fall down the stairs when he arrived in Vienna, Austria.

He landed on his knees next to the red carpet in full view of all the dignitaries. In fact, The University of Texas at Austin notes that "Ford often found himself portrayed as clumsy and inept in the press. "Saturday Night Live" staged weekly skits of cast member Chevy Chase playing the president as a blundering, gawky leader."

7) The selfie Obama took at Mandela's funeral

Internation Nelson Mandela day saw Barack Obama fly to South Africa to give a speech at his Centennial Anniversary. It went off without any embarrassing moments, but Obama made the headlines for all the wrong reasons at Mandela's funeral in 2013.

Washington Times noted that the "image was snapped with British Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt." Later, it was reported as taken out of context, but still, it looked like a big gaffe at the solemn affair. Many Americans were embarrassed by the photo.

What do think of these embarrassing moments by leading politicians? Do you think they should be more careful in front of the cameras, or should they just act casual, like it happens to everyone?