The internet is swarming with cute pet pics, but today we have something special to show you. When you see these Miniature Horses, you won’t be able to resist them. Warning: if you’re not ready for cuteness overload, proceed with caution. And don’t let your kids see this if you’re not ready to get a cool new pet.

But if you’ve always loved horses and wanted to get one, these miniature versions might be exactly what you need. They’re smaller than a regular horse and easier to handle and maintain.

Also, transportation is much easier than with regular size horses.

Miniature horse facts

Miniature horses measure 34 to 38 inches and they originate from Europe. They were bred in the 1600’s and other than being pets for the noble, they also helped save children from hard work in the coal mines. Yes, you heard it right. Children used to work in mines. Only in 1842, the United Kingdom brought the Mine and Collieries Act, forbidding the use of child workers in mines. That’s when the use of miniature horses in coal mines increased.

Look at me, I’m a hard worker!

Miniature horses make awesome pets

But today, we’ve found a better use for them – they are amazing pets, especially in you live in the country.

But let’s be real, if you live in the country, you can also get a full-sized horse. These little guys are also suitable for us city folks.

Miniature horse and his little buddy – the cowboy

Miniature horses are a safer alternative when introducing kids to the equestrian arts and they’re very gentle in nature.

You can look at them as overgrown dogs that have a longer lifespan – they can live 25-35 years!

They’re also excellent for people with disabilities and as emotional support animals. For people who love horses but don’t have the budget for a regular horse, miniature horses are the perfect solution. They will need less food and are easier to house.

Hello hooman, let me shine my awesomeness upon you!

Ok, enough talking! Enjoy the rest of our collection and don’t be surprised if you end up looking to buy a tiny horse when you’re done with this post.

Hey, let’s take a quick nap here and then we’ll go back to being best buddies!

Momma bear and baby miniature horse

These little guys are so cuddly and just love to nap on your lap!

Just a little hung over from last night...

Hello stranger! Want a ride?

Tiny horse and large dog – best friends

Long time no see, bro! Gimme a hug!

Big momma and me

Mommy and me again

What you got there? Is that a carrot? Gimme gimme gimme!

Make sure my tail looks fluffy so these folks look me up later! Bye!