Eight funny Twitter posts that close out the month of November 2017 are just what we all need to counterbalance all the serious stuff that makes us gloomy: Things like tax bills, healthcare repeals, the #MeToo hashtag and the Twitter machine named RealDonald.

November has been a sad month with the death of David Cassidy, one million broken British teen-hearts over Prince Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle, and Jill Duggar succumbing to the desperate need for a nose stud.

So, is anything funny going on Twitter that will close out November with a giggle?

What's funny to some is not always funny to others, but I went on a hunt to find some funny stuff, and share them below to brighten your day. Enjoy!

1. The dreaded zero retweet fail

Reason to Cry made me smile because, hey - who hasn't experienced this, "When you get 0 retweets on what you thought was the funniest tweet in the history of Twitter."

2. The stuff you couldn't possibly make up tweet

Ironic humor is always fun. I loved the way @TimRerucha latched onto the Matt Lauer sexual misconduct firing (which is not funny) and matched it to Law & order - classic!

3. The tweet that tickles the funny bone

When @halfbloodtessa wrote "for some reason this tweet is the funniest thing to me," I knew the reason why it was funny.

Don't you visualize creepy things from 'The Mummy' when you read this?

"i honestly would not be surprised if a bug crawled out of trump’s mouth next"

4. Comic pet tweet that stole the day

This pet tweet is probably how I look when I think of bugs coming out of Trump's mouth, but it was rated a top funniest tweet comment, so here it is.

5. The funny s*x tweet

Tweeting about s*x can be touchy and most often involves serious stuff like #MeToo. But this one cracked a smile as it is seasonal and yeah just straight up funny -- if you're a girl.

One answer to the virginity tweet ranked as my choice of the best Korea Tweet of November.

6. Korea tweets that made us smile

North Korea is not funny, even remotely and finding funny giggle-producing Tweets is not easy, but I happened across this one in response to the virginity tweet.

7. The funniest tweet funny tweet seekers can relate to

This is funny because this happens all the time when you look for funny Twitter posts. So this one is here because I have a valid excuse if you don't find my selection of funny tweets funny!

8. The best space tweet of November by Elon Musk

Elon Musk is not just very clever and very rich, but also has a sense of humor as evidenced by this tweet about Mars.

So goodbye November, and it's on to the last month of the year.

As we get into the holiday season, let's smile because 2018 is coming and who knows what next year will bring with it? One thing is for sure though, as long as the Internet is up and running, Twitter funny tweets will be keeping us smiling our way into the New Year.