Celebrities may be talented in their field of work, but sometimes they do weird things with their hair. Miley Cyrus comes to mind as one celeb who survived fan disapproval despite having more than just one bad hair day. Incredibly, some of the celebs actually liked what they did to their hair, and posted photos up on social media. The most horrible hairstyles in recent memory are numerous, so here's a list of the top seven most horrible ones.

1) Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, an American singer, songwriter, and actress, is beautiful - when she chooses to be, that is.

In her successful 12-year career in music, she managed to sport different looks. The worst one was when her photo drew a lot of comments. Although the occasion was discussed in 2012, it still pops up on social media. By 2012, people were less likely to be polite and many fans commented negatively. One user wrote, "@MileyCyrus OMG THANK GOD YOU HAVE THE HANNAH MONTANA WIG TO COVER THAT."

2) Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson has a long string of movie titles with his name in the credits, including the neo-grindhouse thriller "Good time." Robert was named as one of Time Magazines top 100 most influential people. that's quite scary when you consider his horrendous hairstyle that just never seems to get better.

3) Donald Trump

You cannot have a discussion about hairstyles and leave Donald Trump off the list. People never forget he was a celebrity and was even quite popular with his "Apprentice" show. Now he's the president of the USA, he get's more screen time than many other celebs - not all of it complimentary.

His hair is too long, combed over and prone to whisking away. People are fascinated or repelled by Trump's hair, and there's even a Twitter account titled "Donald Trump's Hair."

4) Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne likes strange colors, from pink to purple and all the rainbow colors in-between.

She changes hairstyles more often than we change our sneakers and some of them are too way out there. Let the pictures do the talking with Kelly.

5) Keith Urban

Keith Urban started his singing career in 1991 in Australia and moved to the USA in 1992. He wowed audiences with his music and became famous. His music career includes a long list of songs and albums like Ripcord. But one thing about Urban - he has the most boring hairstyle - and he made no attempt to ever changed the straight hair falling on either side of his parting.

The most exciting part of his hairstyle is that occasionally it dangles in front of his eyes. His dull, never changing hairstyle has become part of his brand.

6) Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks, television personality, producer, businesswoman, and many things besides those, is beautiful. Her modeling career taught her how to walk tall and look good. But does her hair have walk tall as well? When her hairstyle hangs down in curls over her shoulders, it's beautiful and alluring. But when it's high up on her head, it almost looks like there's an alien in there trying to get home, or onto the cast of "Stranger Things." Tyra doesn't always get out and about with her own har in all its unruliness, and she does do a lot to help people with their styles.

Just as well she is a hair expert as this would be a frightening sight to see every day. The ultimate bad hair day vote must go to this tweet.

7) Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera started her music career through talent shows at the age of eight. She made her way steadily through the limelight and her song "Reflection" landed her the deal that took her into fame and fortune. With her hair changing from blonde to black and from straight to curly, it was only a matter of time before she got onto the most horrible hairstyle list.

As noted by the Sun, her 2002 style of braids and poodle perm combo was pretty much a "crime." But there's always a chance of getting it wrong when you change your hair so often. The video below shows her amazing range of hairstyles. You'll have to choose your own most-horrible for Christina.

What do think about these hairstyles? Do think they deserve to be on the list of top seven most horrible hairstyles? Would you choose to sport one of these? Check back with Blasting Pop often, to find out more fun and curious things about celebrities.