Though people enjoy buying nice items, some purchases are not necessarily friendly with finances. People do not need the latest designer apparel to try keeping up with friends and co-workers who might be able to afford their spending habits. While other people are working hard to maintain their appearances, largely determined by having designer labels and the late fad items, it is far wiser to save the money and apply it toward living well and without buyer’s remorse.

Here are ways to save from spending on items that, while nice to have, are not necessities.

Setting aside the money that would be spent could provide for a weekend getaway every so often, a longer vacation, or a nicer car.

No reason to gamble when the odds of winning the Super Lotto or Powerball spin is slim

Buying lottery tickets tolls over time. GoBankingRates (GBR) spells out the fact that the potential of being struck and killed “by an asteroid impact” is far greater than the odds of winning the mega prize following a Powerball draw.

The stats reflect that there is a very slim chance of winning. To be exact, GBR puts the odds at a single chance in 292 million. Spending a couple of dollars each week on the lotto adds up to money that can be saved.

Buying bottled water is flushing money down the drain

While bottled water might seem convenient to have on-hand, it is not good for the environment with the waste it creates in comparison to a reusable container. Bottled water is a resource hog, even if the bottles are recycled or biodegrade. The water does not make it to the bottles without fuel for transportation, for instance.

Spending a dollar each day for a single bottle of water adds up to $365 dollars, as GBR illustrated.

Everyone does not live in Flint, Michigan, or other areas where the water supply has been severely compromised. When the same tap water is good enough for our dishes, then, it is also okay to drink without flushing money down the drain. A reusable container is a one-time, sustained investment that saves money and resources.

Paying for regular gas will not turn your car against you

Most cars do not require being filled with the most costly type of fuel. If your car does not have to have high-end gas to perform, your car will not rebel against you if you use regular fuel. Verify with your owner’s manual which type of gas your car takes. Unless the engine needs a premium supply, GBR suggests going with regular.

Organic is not always the best option for fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables that are peeled, such as bananas and oranges, are just as tasty even if they are not organic. Think about it: the peels and skins will not be consumed. Produce that has exposed areas that are not eaten are perfectly fine when they are not organic.

Negotiation can lead to shaving costs, as well, on cell and cable bills

Why not approach cell service providers and cable companies as you would a car dealer.

Most people do negotiate the sticker price on vehicles instead of automatically paying the asking price. As long as there is more than one service provider, Insider noted that “clear and polite communication” could lead to a lower price when negotiating.