Erin Krakow stars as Elizabeth Thornton on “When Calls the Heart,” and at the close of Season 5, the actress had to take her character through an arc. It stretched from the greatest joy in her life to devastating grief, following the heroic death of her beloved husband, Jack, precipitated by the departure of Daniel Lissing. Even before her character came to what was then Coal Valley, in the Northwest Territory, Erin Kraków's portrayal embodied the plucky spirit of the young teacher, willing to forgo the wealth and status of her family upbringing, and carve her own niche in the mining community.

She arrived disheveled, but undaunted, for her first interview with Abigail Stanton, portrayed by Lori Loughlin, and other bereaved mothers, having already endured a robbery and making her way to the community by foot and whatever means necessary. Elizabeth Thatcher was given only a trial period as the new teacher, and it was her willingness to persevere and become part of her new surroundings that endeared her to her pupils and residents alike.

The cast of “When Calls the Heart” has been hard at work, for a few weeks now, shooting Season 6. Fans of the Hallmark Channel favorite already have learned about some new arrivals, including Chris McNally and Kevin McGarry, that will be coming to Hope Valley, but that doesn't mean that Erin Krakow or any of the regulars on the set stop having fun.

Erin Krakow’s recent posts on social media suggest that sisterhood and swapping good stories are all part of the fun between takes.

The feelings are mutual

In her July 21 post, Erin Krakow offers a playful portrait of herself and co-star Pascale Hutton, along with two more “When Calls the Heart” cast friends. The ladies are hardly putting on airs for the camera, and there is a mention to Jenelle Evans' new makeup and artist, Denean Dale, perhaps making it clear that the moment was captured before she worked her magic of capturing the early 1900s look for the ladies.

“We are laughing and we are very good friends,” echoes Krakow’s caption. “Good buddies sharing a special moment.” This is hardly the first time that Erin Krakow has expressed her genuine affection for everyone who makes “When Calls the Heart” come to life. She and Pascale Hutton, who plays the spirited and sometimes too-concerned Rosemary, have been featured in several photos, and she makes a point of never letting a birthday pass by without a special wish from her.

In another July 20 post, Erin is pictured with Kavan Smith, who portrays lumber mill owner Lee Coulter, husband to Rosemary. Krakow praises Smith as a “hysterical storyteller,” so it's no wonder about the smiles in that post. Kavan Smith is lauded for his gourmet culinary skills by castmates as well. He may get to put a bit of that knowledge to use while portraying his character because Smith has suggested that he would like children to enter the lives of Lee and Rosemary, so he may be the one warming the bottles for a baby. Pascale Hutton would prefer that Rosemary first find her true calling in life before expanding the family, but sees children in her TV future.

Saddling up

Erin Krakow looks ready as ever to be back at work on top of a horse in another photo share.

In a moving scene from Season 5, she shares sweet whispers with Jack's horse after Jack's death. Horseback riding probably isn’t advisable for the expectant mother right away. For the coming season, she will surely be riding head-on into new adventures as a mother, still surrounded by the community that will continue to love and guide her and her child.

The new promotional portrait for “When Calls the Heart” conveys the concept of community in a beautiful way, with Elizabeth in the center, flanked by Lee and Rosemary on the left, and Abigail and Bill Avery on the right. Veteran actor Jack Wagner, who portrays Bill Avery, wasn't left out of Erin Kraków's Twitter love, either.

In a recent post, she referred to him as “rock star, golf star, star-star,” and he will certainly play a role in breaking in the new Mountie in town. It not only takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to get through the challenges and joys of life, and Hope Valley’s “village” is clearly stronger than ever for the adventures to come.