The anticipation and hype for the fourth season of "Rick and Morty" is immense, despite it being a wait that is easily going to last another year and a half. Rumors and speculations have it that the show will be whipping out brand new episodes only around late 2019, and we aren’t even halfway through 2018. The seemingly long wait has nothing to do with the co-creators this time. There were rumors about Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland settling differences, which led to the delay of season 3 after its surprise pilot episode on April Fools Day. Despite the wait, everything turned out much better than expected.

Dan Harmon’s explanation to the delay while debunking all the rumors about having to settle differences went along the lines of him wanting to make sure that all the episodes were just right, and that there was nothing too flashy or too mediocre about them. He undoubtedly is a perfectionist, his careful catering along with Roiland’s impeccable sense of humor among other things is what has led to the massive success of this franchise. Kudos to these two true geniuses.

Slow down for what?

The late 2019 release of the fourth season has its reasons lying in the fact that Adult Swim and Cartoon Network hadn’t ordered for a new season after the season finale of the third installment.

There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding Tammy, Phoenix Person, Evil Morty, and all the cybernetic augmentations of Rick Sanchez. One could only hope to find clarity once the new season rolls out. The usual pilot on April Fools day like last year didn’t happen this year around, and instead, the fans were presented with a fan-made video with Rick and Morty in Australia.

The short revolved around the titillating duo paying a visit to Bendigo. The short very well made up for the lack of a Season pilot.

The end of radio silence

After not having heard from the shows co-creators about further news on the new episodes ever since Dan Harmon’s tweet saying that the show wasn’t ordered, the fans can finally relax as Harmon went on to update the fandom through Twitter recently.

Although Harmon didn’t get into the details of what and when, he did state that the show is undergoing negotiations and that both the producers and the broadcasting network are close to coming to an agreement. He also cited that he is optimistic about the outcome, and that production will begin as soon as it is given a go. This Tweet was a giant sigh of relief for the collective fandom aching to get any shred of news regarding their favorite animated television show. We are certain that more such tweets and updates will follow in the coming months. We’ll just have to wait and watch.