If the shoe fits, wear it, or at least that is what the old adage suggests. In Meghan Markle's case, her shoes didn't fit her feet and her choice of footwear was deemed too big when captured in pictures at a recent event. This is the stuff that the paparazzi take notice of and today there are plenty of pictures online of Meghan Markle's feet swimming in a pair of high heels.

As The Sun suggests, it is not as if Meghan has to settle for the last pair off the sale rack. She can certainly afford to get a pair of shoes that fit her correctly. This is just one of the few times that cameras have captured Meghan's feet sliding down towards the toes of her shoes and giving her a good size space between her heel and the back of the shoe.

Why even notice her feet?

It is actually amazing that anyone spotted this as Meghan's outfit for the Ascot was turning heads. As the Sun suggests she "dazzled" in her Givenchy attire with that "oh-so chick hat" upon her head. While the black heels she donned were nice, they were nothing in comparison to her rather awe-inspiring ensemble.

But, the media never fails at catching even the slightest imperfection if there is one to be found. While upon closer look, Meghan's feet were too small for the size heels she was wearing, leaving her ample space between her heel and the back of the shoe.

Honing in on her dress up days as a kid?

So what's the story behind these big shoes for such petite feet? Did Meghan enjoy dress up as a young girl so much that the feel of slipping on her mom's shoes have stayed with her all these years?

Does this bring back wonderful memories so she's continued on with this trend? No, that's not the case at all.

According to Harriet Davey, who is the fashion expert for Fabulous, Meghan is not the only celebrity slipping her feet into shoes bigger than the size she normally wears. There are other Celebrities who do this when they anticipate being on their feet for long periods of time, like walking the red carpet or at a gala affair.

Blister awareness

One of the first things your foot can develop when wearing snug-fitting heels is a blister and the pain of that blister is not easy to move around with. This is a fashion trick, or better yet, a comfort tactic, used by celebrities when they know they will be on their feet for some time.

So you ask how they can walk in shoes that are a size bigger or even two sizes bigger in some cases? According to The Sun, the other part of this trick is to fill the toe of the shoe with soft cotton to keep the foot from slipping down.

She did marvelously!

Walking in shoes a size or two too big for your feet probably takes some getting used to, but from all appearances, the videos of Meghan that day seemed to indicate she had no problems at all getting around.

This wasn't the first time her shoes looked a bit too big for her feet, according to the Daily Mail. The media captured pictures of the pair of shoes that Meghan wore the night that she and Prince Harry announced their engagement and they were also deemed a bit oversized.