Queen Elizabeth had her first riding lesson at three years old and by the time she was four, the young princess was given her own pony. The queen's love for her horses has never waned through the decades. Even at 92 today (June 11), she still keeps a watchful eye on her stable full of beloved horses with the help of modern technology.

Her grandfather, King George V, gifted a four-year-old Elizabeth with a Shetland mare, which started her life-long love affair with horses. Elizabeth's infatuation with her horses goes way beyond riding them. She is very involved in their care and treatment as well.

Modern technology finds its way to the queen

According to Hello Magazine, the royal stables are equipped with closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV), which allows Queen Elizabeth to look after the care her horses at any time of day or night. If a horse is about to give birth to a new foal, the queen can plunk her iPad on her lap and watch as the birth progresses, according to Eye Witness News.

She doesn't need an occasion, such as one of her horses giving birth, to pick up her iPad and check on her stables. She clicks on the iPad to check out the horses at any given time during the day or night. She continues to be very involved in the horses care, even when she cannot be with them, according to Hello.

It's quite useful

Sunday's final episode (June 10) of BBC1's "Countryfile" revealed the queen's use of her iPad to watch her horses from afar. She is hooked up to the Sandringham stables CCTV via her iPad. The manager of he Sandringham stables, David Somers, welcomed the idea of the queen having remote access to her stables at any point in time.

He explained in a recent interview how it makes things much easier all around when something is going on. The queen can watch if something is going on and at the same time Somers can explain to her over the phone the step by step of the event at hand. She can watch one or more of the horses on her iPad.

24/7 access to her horses

The queen doesn't have to gain access to the CCTV with an iPad, she can see the same thing when using an iPhone or television. Somers said that the CCTV cameras are on "24/7."

The show's final episode for their "Queen and Country" series was created to celebrate the queen's 65th anniversary of her coronation. This last episode also doubled-up on celebrations, as it marked 30 years for the program.

The show's cameras went to Sandringham to hone in on the queen's "greatest outdoor passions." They talked to people who were well acquainted with the queen and the knowledge she has of horses. They discovered the queen still rides whenever she gets the chance and that her "knowledge in breeding and bloodlines is incredible."