PayPal has announced they are closing the account of Acid Software. Acid Software is the developer of the controversial "Active Shooter" video game, which allowed players to play as a school shooter or a SWAT team member. The Associated Press was first to confirm that PayPal closed the account.

PayPal announced their decision on Wednesday saying that they have consistently enforced their policies and regardless of who or what is in question, PayPal works to ensure their services are not used to accept payments that glorify violence.

PayPal's decision comes amid criticism over the game

The video game sparked massive criticism from survivors of school shootings and their families. It was recently pulled from Valve's Steam platform and Indiegogo, due to outrage from Parkland shooting victims' parents. Valve has publicly called Acid Software's leader a troll and has said he has a history of customer abuse, and copyright infringement and user review manipulation.

Acid Software responded to PayPal's decision saying they are trying to fix the situation with PayPal but not to worry because people are still able to download a free demo. A petition received more than 280,000 signatures in support of removing the game from Steam.

PayPal no longer a payment method for Acid Software

"Active Shooter" was created by a 21-year-old Russian developer and marketed by his company Acid Software. CNET reports that Acid Software is working with PayPal to get access to their account and have the ability to issue refunds to those who have purchased the game.

Acid Software setup two websites for the controversial game after it was removed from Steam and Indiegogo.

The removals were sparked by criticisms and petitions by anti-gun violence supporters. The two sites were taken down quickly, but Acid Software managed to re-upload them by using a Russian server. "Active Shooter" creator Anton Makarevskiy said that the US was trying to censor him, while not explaining what he was doing wrong.

Ata Berdyev was one of the developers of the game, and he was previously removed from PayPal for issues. Valve later said after a thorough investigation, they would not do business with Ata or any people that act as he did to customers and Valve.

Acid Software is unsure about the future of the game. Acid denies the game promotes violence or violates any terms of service. However, those against the game see it differently. Sandy Hook Promise, organized a petition for PayPal to close Acid's account. A final version of the game is scheduled for release next month. Online platforms continue to ban the game worldwide.