Meghan Markle will work her way up to calling the queen her little-known nickname that is a pet name reserved for close family members to use in her presence. Right now, Meghan is resigned to the default title when addressing the queen, which is "your majesty." She will soon work her way through another level where she will be able to refer to Prince Harry's grandmother as "ma'am." According to Harper's Bizarre, "ma'am" is the next step for Meghan as she continues to get closer to the queen as one of the royal family's newest members.

This bizarre little tidbit popped up in the news today (June 15) and it sounds as if it is not too well-known by the masses.

Once Meghan gets close to the queen, as Princess Diana reportedly did, she will be allowed to call her "mama." She will be allowed to do this just as the woman who would have been Meghan's mother-in-law did. The latest reports and pictures indicate that Meghan has really made quite the impression on the queen. The two were seen enjoying a joke together at a recent outing.

It worked for Princess Diana

Harper's Bizarre reports that Princess Diana worked her way up through the different names used to address the queen and she was granted the privilege of calling her mother-in-law "mama" during her time as a member of the royal family. The Daily Mail reports that this is not a nickname taken lightly by the royal family.

It is reserved for family members who are closest to Queen Elizabeth. It is not a name someone can use just because they are a member of the royal family, there are very few who are allowed to address her as "mama."

While "mama" is a name that the close family members call the queen, the Daily Mail reports that the queen has another "pet name" and it is one that Meghan will never call her.

This pet name is reserved for a very few people to use while in the queen's company. That name is Lillibet.

While Harper's Bizarre mentioned Princess Diana was one of the family members who was allowed to call the queen "mama," they didn't mention if Kate Middleton was granted this privilege like Harry's late mother was.

Meghan's moving fast

It seems that many watchful eyes were on Meghan and the queen during their first outing together without Prince Harry in tow. It is reported that the two women, who are from totally two different generations, have formed a special bond already in the short time since Meghan has become one of the royals.

Once the formality of "your majesty" is out of the way "ma'am" usually follows for the duration of the chat going on between close family members and the queen. The Daily Mail reported how "ma'am" was replaced by "mama" and adopted by Princess Diana when she would have a conversation with the queen.

Not a starting point, more a feeling

It doesn't sound as if there is a specific point in time that the queen will declare that it is alright for Meghan to address her as "mama." It sounds more like Meghan needs to work up to a comfort level around the queen before this will happen.

The experts on royal family etiquette also report that ma'am can be shortened to mama when Meghan gets to know the queen as Diana did.

While nothing is mentioned about how Kate Middleton addresses the queen, the Daily Mail did say the interaction between Meghan and the queen was almost identical to Kate and the queen's interaction early on. The first time Kate stepped out with the queen to attend a royal engagement without Prince William, they seemed to get along famously, just as Meghan and her grandmother-in-law did recently.

A jump ahead of Kate

The media site did point out that Meghan is still a newlywed and she has already attended an event with the queen. Kate didn't have her first time out alone with William's grandmother until after she was married for about 10 months. In a lot of different ways, it seems Kate has paved the way for Harry's wife.