In what is an unprecedented move for a former United States President and First Lady after leaving the White House, Barack and Michelle Obama have signed a deal with Netflix. The power couple will be helping to produce new content for the popular digital streaming service. It appears they'll be doing quite a bit of that, as the figure in their bank account is an impressive amount for a former president and his first lady.

The Obamas' Netflix deal

According to Hip Hop Overload, Barack and Michelle Obama have signed a $100 million deal to produce content for Netflix.

That reported figure comes after an initial report indicating that the deal was in "the high eight figures." The news also comes after the couple signed a $65 million joint book deal with Random House in March. Under that agreement, both Barack and Michelle will have their respective memoirs produced.

Its been mentioned that under the multi-year deal with Netflix, the Obamas' content will be produced through Higher Ground Productions. The company was specifically created for that reason. The new Netflix content will apparently include documentaries, as well as scripted and unscripted series.

What will the Obamas bring to Netflix?

The former president said he doesn't plan to use this as a way to wage a political campaign against President Donald Trump.

Instead, both he and Michelle Obama have said that they plan to produce content that helps "promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples." The content will involve "talented, inspiring, creative voices," according to a statement from Netflix.

Its been mentioned that the content could involve stories of individuals such as the people who were brought forward as guests at Barack Obama's State of the Union addresses.

That would provide a unique set of stories from different individuals.

Obama reality show?

In addition, there have also been reports that Barack and Michelle Obama will appear in some of the content across the multi-year deal. That has plenty of people excited to see what they bring to the TV, smartphone, or tablet screen, as Netflix currently has at least 125 million subscribers worldwide.

However, it probably won't be any sort of "Keeping Up With the Obamas" type of programming. Still, the deal with Netflix is the first of its kind for a former president, and definitely a sign of the times. Whereas in the past, presidents were mostly seen speaking at various events or producing a memoir, the future seems to hold even more possibilities in terms of how a presidential viewpoint can be presented to the masses.