Michelle Obama looked peeved at the funeral of Barbara Bush when Barack Obama, who was seated next to Melania Trump, started chatting with the first lady. A lot has been read into the video of both Barack and Melania smiling while engaged in conversation and Michelle looking like she has a scowl on her face.

Many of the reports suggest that Michelle was upset over Barack talking to Melania, but there could be another reason Michelle looked so uneasy. Don't forget they were at a funeral and all cameras were on the front row group, which made for some very strange bedfellows.

Strange bedfellows in the church pew

There was Melania Trump sitting next to Barack Obama, with Michelle seated next to him on the other side of the church pew. As you move down this row, there's Bill Clinton sitting next to Michelle with Hillary Clinton on the other side of Bill. The only two who were the least bit animated looking were Melania Trump and Barack Obama.

It is not as if this is a cocktail party or state dinner, they were at a funeral, one that had many eyes from across the globe watching via television. Maybe Michelle wasn't scowling because her husband was talking to Melania Trump, maybe she felt this wasn't the time or place for idle chit-chat.

Social media picked up on Michelle Obama not looking too happy at the funeral while her husband, who was sitting beside her, was awful gabby with Melania Trump.

You can see one example of this in the post below.

Michelle Obama's scowl-like glare

Again, it could be Michelle was perturbed that her husband was chatting during the funeral, more so than being concerned about who he was chatting with.

Hollywood Life has a different take on this. They see both Barack and Michelle Obama as being very friendly with Melania Trump. They've pulled posts from social media that suggest Melania doesn't care about what her husband thinks or says about her White House predecessors, she is going to be friendly anyway. Some on social media are comparing Trump vs.

Obama and who Melania sees as the better man, like the post below.

Anti-Trump folks are having a field day online about Melania and Barack's chatting session at the Bush funeral, as seen in another tweet below.

What really happened?

So was Michelle Obama angry over her husband extending a friendly attitude toward Melania Trump, who was without a doubt odd man out when it came to the people she shared that church pew with?

Or was Michelle just a bit taken back that her husband wasn't focusing on the service? Maybe it didn't matter who he was talking to, it was just that he was talking during a time that wasn't appropriate that may have aggravated her.

Melania sat in that church pew as her husband's representative. She was surrounded by people her husband has lambasted and continues to lambaste. If anyone had a right to be uncomfortable, it would have been Melania. It looks as though maybe the former president recognized how awkward this must have been for her and extended an olive branch for the event.