Former FBI Director James Comey has both critics and supporters. He has angered people on the left and the right. Comey’s announcement that he was relaunching the investigation into Hillary Clinton, was seen as an attempt to end her election bid. Comey’s investigation into possible collusion has Republicans furious with him.

James Comey is back in the spotlight as he blasts and targets President Donald Trump calling him an unethical leader and congenital liar. This is only one of several revelations to be made in the upcoming book. Comey took to the airwaves to speak about his book and give his thoughts on Donald Trump.

Trump obsessed with pee-pee tape

According to the Steele dossier, created by former MI6 agent Michael Steele, Trump had some prostitutes urinate on a bed in a Moscow hotel room, where President Obama and his wife once visited. In the book, he claims Trump strongly denied these allegations saying do I look like a person that needs the services of prostitutes.

On multiple occasions, he brought up the tape. In January 2017, Trump told the FBI Director that he was not involved in the tape because he’s a germaphobe. During a dinner with Comey, he talked about the tape again and was concerned that there was a small chance that First Lady Melania Trump thought the tape was real.

James Comey: Trump White House like mafia

James Comey discussed the loyalty oaths, that Trump made his team uphold. Comey even said that Trump’s lying about things, whether big or small, was a hallmark of the Mafia. Trump put the organization above morality and truth.

Trump’s odd appearance

Comey met with Trump once and noticed his slightly orange face with what he describes as white half-moons under his eyes.

This was a result of tanning goggles. Comey does believe that Trump’s popular hair is all his. Comey even made a mental note to check the size of Trump’s hand. While Comay aid was smaller than his "it was not unusually smaller."

Comey's concern about Trump’s ties to Russia

In the book, James Comey said he wondered why Trump refused to just state the facts when Russia invaded neighboring countries or murdered its own citizens.

Trump continues to not crack down on Russia’s dangerous actions, including their alliance with Syria. Russia continues to do what it wants, without any repercussions.

When the book is finally released to the public, it will be up to them to decide whether they believe Comey or President Trump.