Maybe it was all part of the plan. Or maybe he was simply feeling generous. Regardless, fans of Drake finally have some real news to feast on.

With the help of his wardrobe, Drake announced the name and release timeline of his forthcoming album, titled "scorpion." To some, that didn't necessarily serve as a confirmation of a record coming out in the next couple of months. To most, however, the news is welcome in regard to one of the most prolific rappers around.

Drake does it again

The tease was initially spotted on Drake's Instagram account. In the mid-afternoon on Monday (April 16), he posted a pendant and captioned the post "JUNE 2018." He immediately followed that up with another post, which had the same caption, but featured the rapper wearing a jacket emblazoned with the words "Scorpion" and "June Twenty Eighteen."

The name is the same as the second studio album from hip-hop artist Eve, which came out in 2001.

That album's name was related to her zodiac sign (Scorpio), which she actually shares with Drake. Scorpions are best known for their venomous sting, although it isn't typically lethal. That idea flies in the face of the singles that have come out so far, which are presumed to be on the album.

What any of this means remains to be seen. Drake wouldn't name his album "Scorpion" without some underlying message behind it, though.

'Scorpion' so far

It's unclear if the singles from his "Scary Hours" EP ("God's Plan" & " Diplomatic Immunity") will make it onto the new album, although it's safe to assume they will, as will his newest single, "Nice for What." Two of those three songs have found wild success already.

"God's Plan" became his second track to top the Billboard Hot 100, where it stayed for 11 weeks, a distinction less than 25 songs have ever had. That track was buoyed by a music video where Drake went down to Miami and handed out nearly $1 million to people and organizations in the community.

That song only lost its claim to the throne because another Drake song, "Nice for What," came along, displacing it just this week.

In doing so, the rapper became the first artist to ever replace their No.1 song with another No. 1 song. A music video featuring Tracee Ellis Ross and Rashida Jones also earned plenty of acclaim.

Sure, there's no technical release date for "Scorpion" yet, leaving a whole month of mystery for fans in June. Drake is ready to make his fifth studio album a banger, though.