Melania Trump usually nails it when she makes a public appearance. She's arguably one of the most stylish women in the world, but she's not perfect in the eyes of some critics. It's uncommon to see scathing reviews of her wardrobe in the media. The first lady has fashion down to a fine art, however, at least one reporter feels otherwise about a recent appearance Melania made earlier this week.

British columnist: First Lady's choice of fashion 'off beat'

Express' Francesca Specter torched Melania Trump's attire when she attended a pop-up Memorial event near the White House which highlighted the opioid crisis.

Melania tweeted about the visit with photos (seen below). Specter ripped Mrs. Trump for her outfit that was "so off-beat she might as well have been dressing badly on purpose."

The British columnist blasted Melania Trump for having on a coat in which the sleeves and belt "flailed about loosely." She even went as far as to say that the 47-year-old former model had an "unkempt look." She nitpicked at the way the long coat had a crease at the bottom in one of the images. Specter suspected that the coat "hadn't been hung up properly the night before."

The writer continued that the pink and yellow colors of Mrs. Trump's ensemble "was also all wrong." Evidently, she didn't approve of the yellow dress and high heels being paired with a pale pink coat.

Coat-over-the shoulders look baffles some

No one else seemed to find fault with Melania Trump's choice of clothing, however.

At the worst, a few mentioned how she tends to wear her coat over her shoulders and never uses the sleeves. Despite the supposed clash of color that bothered Specter it didn't seem to offend anyone else. She was praised by several for her "beauty and grace" and her acknowledgment of the drug crisis in America.

Coping with scandal-plagued husband

With all of the scandal surrounding President Donald Trump, it's easy to see why Melania could be justified in any anger she might have toward him. A report by Hollywood Life revealed that Melania Trump punishes her husband by doling out the "silent treatment" in private. A source told the website that Melania isn't one to subject herself to shouting matches like a lot of couples do who are at odds with each other. The insider said they don't really fight. The first lady hardly ever raises her voice or shows anger — and "certainly not to her husband," the source said.

With all of the allegations that Donald Trump had an affair with two different women while he was married to Melania, there have been many speculations over the true state of their marriage.