The biggest political story over the last year has been what impact Russia played in helping to elect Donald Trump. As the pressure mounts, Sarah Huckabee Sanders continues to do her best to downplay the controversy.

Sanders on "Russia fever'

It all started when Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton back in November 2016.

Since then, several well-respected news outlets and government agencies have confirmed that Russia hacked the election with the goal of electing the former host of "The Apprentice." The current headlines revolved around whether or not Trump will be interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller, and if the president pressured Andrew McCabe to step down as FBI deputy director. As reported by CBS News on January 29, Sarah Huckabee Sanders fired back.

While taking question at the White House on Monday afternoon, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders continued the talking points of the administration by once again dismissing the Russian investigation.

"The only thing he’s applied pressure to is to get it resolved so you guys and everyone else can focus on the things Americans actually care about," Sanders said, before adding that Mueller's investigation has led to "Russia fever" that needs to be squashed since their is "no collusion.

Not stopping there, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was then asked about whether or not Donald Trump would address the Russian probe during Tuesday night's State of the Union address, as well as the debunked conspiracy theory that there was a "secret society" at the FBI.

"Frankly, no one cares about the issue and it’s not the thing that keeps people up at night," she answered.

Instant reaction

After Sarah Huckabee Sanders took part in her press briefing, critics of the administration sent a reminder that many people still care about the Russian investigation. "NO ONE CARES??? How bout the people who've been indicted?

How about your boss? Seems like he cares," one tweet read.

"Oh definitely keeps Donald up at night..isn't that right," a Twitter user wrote with sarcasm. "Oh yes we care. We care very much that collusion with an enemy of the USA may have taken place," an additional tweet added.

"Actually, a lot of us care about it and it does keep some of us up at night!" a follow-up tweet pointed out. "We care. Especially when we now believe truthful and fair elections are a thing of the past... if they ever were," a social media user tweeted out.