Kate Spade made a name for herself in the 90's with her bright fashion line that she followed with her own style. The 60's aesthetic she embodied added a pop of color to women's fashion, paving the way for today's female designers.

Kate Spade's background

She is survived by her husband Andy, brother of famous actor David Spade, who was at the scene of the suicide at their apartment in Manhattan. She also has a daughter, Frances. Her company was founded by Spade and her husband in 1993. Business quickly picked up and they opened a Soho shop as well.

The brand was sold twice and Kate became the face of her company rather than the main person behind the business. She and her husband left the company entirely in 2007, allowing themselves to be involved in more philanthropic projects.

In 2016 they created a label named after their daughter, Frances Valentine, which focused mostly on accessories. Kate Spade has over 140 stores across the United States, and more than 175 shops internationally. Their products are sold in more than 450 stores worldwide. The company grew to include retail outlets, as well as selling their products in the more high-end shops such as Bloomingdale's. Spade also released a home collection, including bedding and wallpaper.

She also released a couple books over the years. More recently, she released a short film for the two-year anniversary of Frances Valentine called "Where is Kate?" -- directed and produced in 2018 by her husband, Andy.

Her suicide

According to the BBC, Kate was found on Tuesday morning by her housekeeper at 10:20 at the scene of their Park Avenue apartment.

She was founded hanging from a red scarf from a door knob and did leave a note, proving the cause of death to be a suicide. She died at 55 at the top of her field. Many people carry her handbags, whether they are from New York, Tokyo, big cities, or suburbia. She influenced people and helped them realize it's okay to be who you are, leading by example with confidence and her quirky style.

This is exemplified in the tweet below:

Mental health has been a big topic in media lately as "13 Reasons Why" season two was just released on Netflix, and musician Logic's "1-800-273-8255" song was released last year in 2017. When we see people that seem to have it all commit suicide, it helps us realize that mental health issues do not discriminate, and that they can hit anyone.

Kate Spade was born Katherine Brosnahan in 1962.