San Diego State University swiftly changed the title of an upcoming course that speculates on the possibility of an impeachment of President Donald Trump, following public backlash. The course was originally called "Trump: Impeachment, Removal, or Conviction?" The college has now removed Trump from the title.

Newsweek reported that a statement released by the school acknowledged that the course title was inconsistent with the course content described. The title will now be called "Impeachment, Removal, and Special Counsel."

The course is being taught by Professor John Clearly and analyzes the impeachments of Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, and others who have faced impeachments, to better understand the constitutional workings for dismissing a president and presidential immunity.

San Diego State claims it's not about Trump

The textbook used is "The Case for Impeachment," which details various ways President Trump could possibly be impeached from his position as U.S. president. The book is written by Allan J. Litchman. Litchman has become a popular former congressman and history professor at American University. Litchman has successfully predicted the president-elect of every election since 1984. He was one of the few who anticipated Trump's presidential victory.

According to the Washington Times, originally San Diego State denied claims that the course revolved around President Trump.

However, College Republican Chairman at San Diego State Brandon Jones appeared on Fox News saying that the school was delivering a liberal message that claimed President Trump was guilty of violating the constitution. Jones then said if you look at the textbook, it's clear it was written by a liberal nut job.

The course is part of the Criminal Justice program and will start in March at the College of Extended Studies.

The seminar is open to the public. SDSU students are encouraged to enroll, but the class is not required for graduation.

Pres. Trump has faced fair share of calls for impeachment

Despite the Republicans controlling the House and Senate, impeachment talks have circulated throughout Capitol Hill, since he first became president.

Several Democrats have brought forth articles of impeachment, based on a variety of issues including obstruction of justice and violation of the Emoluments Clause. Texas Democrat Al Green also brought forward impeachment legislation, which failed but received support from 58 Democrats.