Every March is designated as Women's History Month. It is not hard to figure out what the month is about. However, just in case someone doesn't know, the entire month of March has been set aside to honor those females who have made a difference in the world based on their hard work and determination. They have made significant contributions and have become role models and trailblazers for other females coming after them. They have forged ahead and shattered glass ceilings in various areas. Who are some of those women and what have they done?

Those who are honored

The 2018 theme for National Women’s History Month is a long one, "Nevertheless, She Persisted: Honoring Women Who Fight All Forms of Discrimination Against Women." Women of the past, such as Sojourner Truth, Susan Anthony, and Gloria Steinem are familiar names that appear on most lists of females who are celebrated. Some modern women also appear on the list of those who deserve recognition. They include Judith Heumann and Ibtihaj Muhammad.

As most people know, Hillary Clinton was the first woman to win a major-party nomination for president. She did not become president, but her accomplishments should not be forgotten. There are so many more women who have helped pave the way for others.

Proclamations and statements

The presidents of the United States have been on board with Women's History Month every year. They have made proclamations announcing the occasion.

Some organizations have issued their own statements with details about the celebration. President Donald Trump issued a statement last Wednesday (Feb. 28), where he praised women and stated that his administration is committed to creating conditions that empower women to achieve even more. Both the Republican and the Democratic National Conventions issued statements.

Therefore, the word is out and more people are becoming aware of the annual event focusing on women and girls.

Female empowering movies

During the month of March, women are encouraged to watch female empowering movies. There are plenty to choose from on Netflix. The various movies range from the 1991 "Daughters of the Dust" to the 2018 "Seeing Allred." A personal favorite is "Big Eyes," which was released in 2014 based on real-life events. It is worth watching along with the other empowering movies. Watching the films could be a good way of doing your part to help celebrate Women's History Month.