The season of warmer weather is upon us and that means more focus must be placed on proper hydration. The approach of spring and summer, however, do not have to cause anxiety as there are Life Hacks that will save you time and effort. If you are on a limited budget, you will enjoy finding ways to have fun, drinking plenty of liquids, without spending your last dollar. If you have young children or grandchildren on hand you can be creative and proactive, ensuring that they don't overheat when temperatures begin to soar. Purified water is always best, and sugary Drinks are not very healthy, but hey, it's that time of year.

Use wisdom and don't over indulge and you and your family should be alright.

Staying hydrated can be fun this spring and summer

With spring and summer coming it's time to make sure you do not become dehydrated. During these hot seasons, it is important that you do not overheat and instead drink plenty of liquids. It is easier than you think to enjoy delicious drinks without overspending. These life hacks will save you time, money, and frustration when temperatures soar and you won't have to purchase expensive beverages at the convenience store or fast food restaurants. You can have fun being creative inside your own home.

If you do not own an ice maker, it can become tedious trying to keep enough frozen water on hand when the weather begins to get warmer.

Consider putting a plastic container or ice bucket in your freezer and refilling it often from your trays. This life hack will have you ahead of the game instead of running out. You can also purchase a large bag of ice from a nearby grocery store every now and then. This is another way to keep ice on hand and make sure your drinks remain cool.

If you have space, purchase a few extra trays and fill them with Koolaid or your favorite juice drink. Children and grandchildren will love the different colored cubes and enjoy the taste as well.

Make your own cool drinks at home

You don't have to go to the 7-11 to get a Slurpee when the weather begins to warm up this spring.

you can make your own version. Start with large paper cups or reuse the sturdy plastic containers you get at Taco Bell or other fast food restaurants. Simply pour in your favorite drink: Lemonade, tea, Orange Juice or even soda. Allow it to freeze until it is the right consistency for you. Slip in a straw and now you have your own slushy drink. This will save you gas and money because now you no longer have to leave home. Your family members will be able to stay cool without you putting forth much effort at all.

You can also buy juice drinks that come with straws or the six-pack of plastic bottles that contain Koolaid coolers.

Place these in the fridge for a ready-made cool treat. Freeze plastic water bottles before going ou tin hot weather and sip as the ice is melting. This will help the water to stay cold and last much longer. These life hacks should render you well able to remain hydrated when the temperature begins to rise this spring and summer. Don't forget you can also simply pour yourself an old-fashioned glass of ice water.