It has been recommended that we need at least 8 glasses of water a day for optimum health. What you may not realize is that the time of day or night of when this life-sustaining fluid is consumed can make all the difference. If you have been drinking a glass of water just before bedtime you may want to reconsider. There are several good reasons this practice should be discontinued.

The benefits of H20

Water is important for hydration and to keep our bodies and minds functioning properly.


A lack of fluid leads to dehydration which can at times be life threatening. Consuming too much water can also have a severe effect on our health. Spreading the 8 glasses of water out during the day is wise. And drinking during the right time of day or night is extremely important and makes a difference.

It's been said that water should be the last thing we consume before retiring for bed. And for this reason, some individuals drink their last glass of H20 directly before going to sleep.

The reasoning is that water will help flush out our systems. According to "Eat this not that!" however, bedtime is the one time of the 24 hour day that we should not take a drink of water. The reason is that the fluid may interrupt our sleep and call for several trips to the toilet. Interrupted sleep in itself may cause health issues.The additional fluid in our bodies overnight may lead to bloating and or weight gain.

Health of the bladder and kidneys

Another important reason not to drink water just before retiring for bed is the health of our kidneys and bladder.


According to "New Heath Advisor" consuming a glass of H20 prior to laying down for the night puts extra strain on these organs. Individuals suffering from kidney disease or a heart condition do not need the additional pressure on the kidneys. This can be dangerous. It is noted that people in reasonably good health without knowledge of health issues may occasionally enjoy a glass of water before going to bed.

The best time to consume H20

it's recommended that the last glass of water be consumed at least 2 hours prior to bedtime.

This will give several health benefits. It removes toxins from the body, promotes better sleep, burns calories and of course keeps us hydrated. Make sure however to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, before you eat, and before exercising. Make sure also to drink plenty of water if you are feeling tired or sick and especially if you are exposed to others who are ill. Spacing your 8 glasses of

Make sure also to drink plenty of water if you are feeling tired or sick and especially if you are exposed to others who are ill.


Spacing your 8 glasses of H20 out over the day from the time you wake up until at least 2 hours before you go to bed is the best way to remain hydrated and receive all the benefits.

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