Monday Mornings can be difficult when you are going to a job that you simply do not feel excited about. You may have read books, scoured the Internet, and memorized magazine articles that were supposed to help. Sometimes there is nothing that can help except to find a way to do as David did in the bible in I Samuel 30:6, and that is to encourage yourself. There are a number of methods that can be employed to keep your Mondays from being so manic. You can begin sharpening your motivational skills on Sunday and by the next morning, you should be ready for the world and well able to tackle all that comes your way.

Preparing for Monday

On Sunday evening take a really long bubble bath, then rinse off in the shower. Put out the clothing that you will be wearing the next day and have everything ready for Monday Morning, so you will be prepared. Make sure your alarm is set for 10 minutes earlier and be sure to get to work before your shift begins. If you are a praying person you can use the extra time to pray in your vehicle or break room for extra motivation.

Consider having an extra cup of coffee or herbal tea, and smile and be friendly to co-workers even if you are not yet feeling it. Make sure you have some healthy snacks on hand such as protein bars, and, during your morning break, try to breathe deep and clear your mind.

Do your best not to think about the things or the people at your job that cause you to dread Monday morning. The goal is to keep the focus off of whatever troubles you the most if at all possible.

Motivate yourself throughout the day

Throughout the day repeat the motivational phrases that work best for you such as: "This too shall pass" and "Tomorrow is another day." Keep in mind that it is not the job of others to encourage you so be sure to go into your self-preservation mode.

Refrain from complaining or joining in with other employees who do. Remember, you are on the clock and are required to give a day's worth of work. Keep in mind that a merry happy heart works like medicine so find anything that will make you laugh even if for a moment.

Sing songs that make you happy or quote bible verses that give you strength and comfort.

Tap your fingers and your toes throughout the day and chew gum if it is allowed to relieve stress. Look at pictures of your family if you have them nearby to give you something to focus on. Think about things that are fun or what you may do when you get home. Breathe deeply and relax on your lunch hour and also your afternoon break if at all possible. Before you know it your Monday work shift will soon be over, and the good news is that you can employ these motivational techniques any other day of the week.