Aging adults don't have to enter their senior years with dread and worry. They can re-live their glory days and enjoy activities that are blasts from the past. There are five ways to embrace your Youth and bring it right into the here and now. It is easier these days than ever before to bring out your inner child and have a lot of fun. You might just add years to your life and also life to your years by engaging in activities that bring back fond memories and make you smile. These tips are simple and do not require much effort at all. They are free of charge and you can determine your own schedule.

Double your pleasure by having a friend, spouse or significant other to join in with you.

Boomerang and METV will bring out your inner child

The first way to re-live the days of your past is to enjoy the animated programs you once watched faithfully. Most adults over age 30, grew up watching Saturday morning Cartoons. Tom and Jerry, Bugs and Daffy, The Flintstones and Jetsons were favorites. Thanks to television stations like Cartoon Network and Boomerang, you can still enjoy Looney Tunes and other beloved animated programs. There is nothing that will bring out your inner child like kicking back and having a good laugh as the Roadrunner outsmarts the coyote or Tweety gets the best of Sylvester.

Many studies indicate that laughter is good medicine so check your local TV listings or watch favorite cartoons from your youth, online.

If you find that the R rated television shows and movies today are not to your liking, don't despair. The second way to bring your inner child out for play is enjoying television shows from your childhood.

Retro, Get TV and METV are three of a growing number of networks that cater to the good old days. You can laugh again with Lucy and Ethel, Wilbur and Mr. Ed and Gomer, Barney and Andy Griffith.

Three additional ways to once again enjoy the days of your youth

The third way to reminisce days gone by and feel like a child again is to watch movies from the decade you came of age.

Embrace your past with popcorn and a film that you have fond memories of. Baby Boomers may enjoy romantic black and white movies while younger generations might want to watch ET. Get all warm and fuzzy inside as you say all the lines and remember each scene as if it were yesterday.

The fourth and fifth ways to embrace your inner child are actually doing things that children do. Go outside and have some fun. Play hide and seek or tag with your sons and or daughters or grandchildren. Take a walk to the park and get on a swing or the merry go round.

You can also bring back the days of your youth by actually engaging with your kids or grandkids. Get out the checkerboard, enjoy a game of Monopoly, or have fun with PlayStation or Xbox. Help build a sandcastle, run barefoot through water, build a model car or have Barbie fashion show. Be creative and come up with your own ideas but most of all remember to have fun.