A Time Traveler claims that he visited the year 5000 and he brought back a picture with him. Apex TV posted the video on their YouTube channel on Saturday, February 17. The man said his name was Edward and he was part of a top-secret project in 2004. As Edward recounts his story, his face is hidden, and his voice was distorted. He claimed that in the year 2004, he joined a top-secret program that allowed him to visit 3,000 years in the future.

Edward claimed he had a picture to prove time travel

While being interviewed, Edward pulled out a photo from his jacket and said that he took a picture when he traveled through time to the year 5000.

The photo showed Los Angeles underwater.

According to Express, the time traveler said that it took him some time to realize that the place he was standing in was L.A. He noted that he stood on a wooden platform.

As for why Los Angeles was underwater, Edward explained that after the ice caps melted due to global warming, the city sunk into the ocean. He saw people living in the town underwater. Edward said that he spoke to people in the year 5000, too.

His job with the government

The time traveler's job was to observe all technical equipment used by the people in the year 5000. He claimed that he worked for a branch of the government, but couldn't say any more. Apparently, he signed a contract that prevents him from revealing any information.

The purpose of the top-secret program was to find technology from the future that would make people's life easier. He noted that they would test equipment such as touchscreens or high tech cellular phones.

Edward said that he didn't work full time, only "showing up to work randomly." The reason was he asked for a low salary.

The time traveler explained that he came to the United States with a green card and needed to work. Edward noted that he needed a job, so he accepted any proposal. That is how he started the time travel position.

At first, Edward didn't want to visit the future. They told him if he agreed to visit the year 5000, they would "make sure" he was granted citizenship, something he was having difficulty obtaining on his own.

How we can stop this

The man he talked to from the year 5000 told him that after the flood caused by global warming, people began murdering each other for no reason. The man also told Edward that having fresh drinking water is a huge problem for the community.

Edward said the man told him that we could prevent this from happening. In the year 4028, the leaders of the world made a decision. They decided to fly away from the planet to go to another galaxy, leaving people here on earth to fend for themselves.

At that point, there were 11 billion people on the Earth. Within a year, 4.5 billion people left to join them on the new planet. They left 6.5 billion people to starve on Earth. The man told Edward that the life on Earth was full of suffering.

Edward claims that the proof is that the climate all over the world is warming up. Places that were very cold in the winter now has mild cold months. He suggested that after a 100 years, things would be much more dangerous.

The time traveler's claims are hard to believe. However, he claims the picture proves everything. Watch Edward's interview below and decide for yourself if the man is a real time traveler.