When a gunman walks into a school with a firearm and begins to shoot at random, everyone is taken by surprise. The panic-stricken students and teachers try to hide or fend off the sudden attack by using makeshift Shields. Therefore, there is a demand for bulletproof backpacks and the sale of these protective items have increased.

Daily Mail UK reports that there has been a sudden spurt in the sale of these products. This can be attributed to the latest tragedy in a Florida school that left 17 dead and the need has arisen to have a protection of sorts against such unprovoked attacks.

These have happened in the past and could happen again. Hence, there must be a protection of sorts apart from strict gun control.

Effect of inadequate gun control

A school is a place where children come to study and where safety should of prime importance. However, when violence erupts and when a gunman begins indiscriminate shooting, there is death. Obviously, there is panic among the children and bulletproof backpacks could come in handy because they would act as shields for defense.

These backpacks sell for between $200 and $500, and there has been a surge in sales after the shooting in the high school in Florida. Most of the items are currently going to Florida-based customers. A website for bulletproof backpacks offers 12 different types that range from $199 to $490.

There is another type available online which is light in weight and labeled as an anti-ballistic panel – its weight is comparable to that of a water bottle.

Gun violence must be checked

It is easy to lay hands on firearms in the United States because possession of items meant for personal safety are guaranteed under the constitution.

There are any number of outlets for guns and firing ranges in the country to train the people. Along with these are items of personal safety like bulletproof backpacks that can act as shields in crisis situations.

The tradition of six-shooters of the Wild West has remained in modern America but in a more refined and sophisticated way.

Firearms that should be with those who handle law and order and those who protect the country have become a part of personal belonging. These are, at times within reach of children at home which is dangerous.

Donald Trump wants to make America safe which is why he wants the Mexico border wall to prevent entry of illegal persons. He also wants to ban the entry of persons from a few selected countries because they could be terrorists. However, he will have to contain incidents of the lone gunman who murders in cold blood and is as bad as any terrorist.